Paskuhan ’11

I’m so glad to be back home.

gem at UST

This is a haggard face. I did everything to make it to UST’s Paskuhan even if it took me an overnight stay at work to finish my deliverables (worked 34hrs. straight!). Then went straight to uni.

I miss my university even though it wasn’t so long ago but most especially, I miss my blockmates/friends. The moment I stepped in, it felt like home. Β And finally, I was able to feel the spirit of Christmas.

paskuhan 2011

During my college days, I always look forward for the second semester because I always love seeing the Christmas lights around my uni at night. My school is really gorgeous. The designs this year are terrific. I’m glad I didn’t miss this year’s paskuhan. Our first paskuhan as an alumni.


Merry Christmas everyone!



(Credits to nine for the photos.)

We were there to celebrate with UST!

at the party!!! (:

[January 27, 2010]


us!acandgemjancelandkyleus! (:LJandMinathegang

It’s all that messy after the event. Hope everyone will bring their own mat or banig next time, like we do. (: So that they don’t have to sit on newspapers (I feel sad for varsitarian). And please next time people, throw your own trash.

We did enjoy! Proud to be thomasian @ 400!


xoxo, G


Quadricentennial Week!

Years from now, I can boast to people that I was there in the celebration! (:

[January 27, 2011]


Saw the oldest thomasian alive.

oldest thomasian alive

Laugh the hardest from the segment hosts. There’s a lot of things to laugh about UST… in a good way (: John Lapuz is funny.

Even non-thomasian, Lasallian if I may say, was there to celebrate with us too.

Gary V

Jam-packed crowd!


And it’s not a UST event without fireworks!!