Sorry for being away for over a year. It’s saddening that I don’t get to blog considering that the missed months were the best – travels, happenings, love, family, friends and everything in general. Life was pretty interesting and there are times that it felt surreal.

And now I get to remember you because I am feeling lonely. One sad fact about life – people only do remember you when all they used to focus on fades away.

I have no plans of venting and I just really want to let this out. I am just not happy about the decisions I have been making lately.

I feel like a lost teenager.

Grow up, G.

You, my love..

You, my love, is God’s greatest blessing to me. Such a blessing that I can kiss you with my eyes closed and still be goofy yet everything, everything is just how emotions should be felt. If that even made sense. Because all of these seems not to yet here you are.. with me.


You, my love, is my adrenaline rush.

I love getting so high with you and not minding the world.


Or get really low and be amazed of the things we have yet to see and feel.


Or just on the ground and still feel the gust of wind that’s giving all the real excitement.


You, my love, is undeniably my Mickey in this magical world that we make; giving my life sparks. And what’s cooler is that you literally do.


You, my love, has put balance into my life – living life in the simplest and grandeur of things.

IMG_0582 IMG_5652

You, my love, is my universe. There are a lot more things to discover on you, and that makes me ecstatic.


You, my love, is my greatest secret. No words can describe how I am only a silhouette before you arrived. And when you came right in, you didn’t change me. Instead, you joined me and made me see and realise that we have the choice on how we look at life.


You, my love, is the bravest – having the courage to be away for that hope of a greater future. I am grateful for digital interactions but the hitch of separation is always there. Trying to churn the longing into thinking of temporary. But soon, my love, we’ll both be in the greater comfort of presence.

Happy second year. Cheers!



I’m officially missing you.

For the first time in more than two months since Czar has been away, I cried. We had a clingy relationship and was together everyday then since we’re in the same workplace, same department, and he spends the weekend at our place and is always involved in my hangouts either with family or friends.

When he left to work in Singapore in May, I knew that it would do better in our relationship. We have always been together and at some point, I know we needed to grow separately (he might not be in favor of this though. haha). Everything was just timely.

For those two months, I took it a little easy since I got to visit him last June too. But last night was different. It came all over to me how hard things have been for me lately. How everything suddenly became a bore. I used to wish to be able to hangout with my friends without his intervention (haha), but since I got to do it already, I realized how much I wanted him to be there.

And as the adage goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – truest in every word.

Here are a few going away party for Czar from his colleagues:



IMG_0006 2


IMG_0001 2


And from his family:



IMG_0010 2 11108290_10155481449935634_9013797734959749645_n


And from my family, of course.

11178241_839721756107423_4946171179162007144_n  11182191_839724506107148_6505141873708613908_n TRIP TO KAMAY NI HESUS IN QUEZON   IMG_0287


He spent his last day at work playing at the game room with Jim and some colleagues. Oh how I missed him here.

IMG_0019 2

And our last moment at work, in their hometown and at the airport before he leaves.

IMG_0029 2     IMG_0746 IMG_0788

Thank you for having the courage and I am so proud of you!



Financial Milestones to be achieved before I reach 30

30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30
30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30

Okay, so today a workmate sent me a link to put more pressure in my life (a good one though). I’m sharing it to all of you and you can get there by clicking on the image. It is a list of the 30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30. I shared it with my boyfriend and he reacted in every item, which I am quite surprised. And I’m sharing it as well. Now you can get a hint of how he is like. Haha (:


Gem: _sent link. read that



1 done 2 soon 3 done 4 done 5 insane 6 maybe 7 i have to 8 dont beleive in Insurance company 9 not possible in the Philippines Gem: you should! well at least for cars but I don’t like life insurance either


10 Im an accountant its in my genes

11 you should read this 12 I am 13 thats me 14 sometimes 15 been to HK and SG within a month 16 I know that very well 17 wedding??? duh 18 Not with shell I know hahaha 19 Hosto? 20 Im pessimist 21 Goal? Azkals 22 23 Im not envious check the spelling of 23 24 Gem please read this 25 I have lots of relationship now (4cards) 26 who’s charity? 27 Gem we should get married 28 agree 29 everything is necessary 30 Gem and I knew this way before this article was published we hate money

Gem: why is 22 blank?

Boyfriend: I dont understand haha


By now you had a glimpse of what my boyfriend is liKe. First and foremost, I never thought I’ll get a proposal in this conversation. Haha. Kidding. But I love what he said about # 30 and how he emphasized to me #24. Success in life is measured on… well, it depends on you. But for me, being successful is living each day in happiness. And being financially stable and worry-free especially on debts are big contributors. Cheers to life and let’s get this done!




It is not often that I do get a holiday but the best thing is, it won’t be everyone’s holiday so I can spend it in a normally crowded places for holidays in Manila.

For today, boyf and I had an awesome agenda.
-Lunch at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
-Watch X-men
-Spa at Toccare Spa
-Dinner at Burger King

Century Mall is now our favorite mall because we love the restaurants there and the ambiance of the place. Probably bec it is just new. I love the architecture and designs esp the cinema. Chic and clean. Gem approved!


I’m so thankful for days like this. Life is good.



My grandmother’s passing

It’s the first time after a long time that someone close to me passed away and it’s the very first time that I saw someone in her death bed.


When we got the news, we rushed to my Lola’s house and saw her in her bed where she peacefully passed away. She was just sleeping. Well, she looks like she’s just sleeping. It was hard to grasp that she has gone away. She’s 79 and turning 80 on June which would have been a big celebration. Noche Buena will never be the same again without her. My maternal relatives gathers every Christmas Eve for her and now that she’s gone, things would be a lot different.

She is really a motherly type. Having around 9 children, 40 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, she never fails to show her care, love and warm hugs to us. She’s the best cook too. She always cooks our favorites and one of it was her tofu dish. I will miss it. And I will miss her.



In fairness, Lola’s hearse looks nice and not the ordinary. Thanks to my aunt for giving her burial plan to my Lola Estela Vargas.

She’s in a happy place now. That’s what’s most important.



And here are my Lola’s grandchildren. We love you Lola and we will miss you.

We will always remember you with a smile.


Love lots,