Summer fun with AIG

My very first company outing.


In the bus on our way to Laiya. I’m so happy I made it. The call time was at 5:30am and I woke up at 5:45am because of their phone calls! It’s my alarm clock’s fault. But good thing I was still able to follow at the second pick-up point in Alabang.


We have arrived!


There were three teams: A (green), I (orange) and G (yellow). The day started with a tem building activities such as cheering and amazing race.





My orange team- the Incredibles, bagged the championship! We won 1st place in the cheer dance competition and second on the rest. It was fun knowing my other workmates. I used to be just enclosed with my team.

And maybe this is why we won. :D



My team. With Dianne, Ben and Marnz on our last team building together. Two of them have decided to continue their career path but not with the company anymore. A lot of firsts memories with AIG and they’re my first team. (:



There’s a baby whale dipping. Haha.


Fun times. Hoping for more fun times for I have decided to stay a bit more. And after all, they want us to…


Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas


How do you beat the summer heat?

Staying indoor with the air condition on would be probably the best but if you have to go out and face the summer’s heat, why don’t you treat yourself with a mango sago to help you cool down. It’s one of my favorite desserts!




the people I was with

my friends:


the girls enjoying fixing the foods at the pantry

friends2the double decks. sherry and ate tel

the guysthe guys!

the girlsthe girls! love!

breakfastBreakfast! Pancit canton and hotdogs!!

looking at the wellLooking at the wishing well.

my fambam and relatives at mom’s side:

my cousinsCousins galore!

my sistersMy sisters! <3

more of my cousinsMore cousins. Now the younger ones.

mom's only sisterMy mom’s only sister.

with my favorite titaAnd with my favorite tita! She’s pop’s cousin. We always tag her along.

Whew! There it is. It’s so hard to choose for hundreds of photos.



Let’s take a tour at Hidden Vibs

hidden vibs

The first floor of the house has an open area for dining and videoke, a pantry (there’s refrigerator, sink and cabinets), one bedroom with two double-deck beds and a bathroom.

The second floor has the living room (comfy sofas with tv set), 2 conditioned bedrooms, a bathroom plus a balcony where you get a wonderful view of the place!

On the pool area: There are two connected pools (one is a mini pool for the kids), a mini bridge to beautify the pool area, exteriorized cave which is also the shower area, but there’s another shower area on the other side of the pool, four kubos/huts, a wishing well.

At the back of the house there is the kitchen and an outdoor grilling area. It’s very neat and also well designed.


Overall, the place is a kickass!

Now let the photos do the talking:

bridge and the poolthe cavethe viewanother viewthe poolliving room

the bedroom1

the kickass kubo!

kitchen areagrilling area

Thanks Ac for introducing us this place and to the owners for a huge discount!

And at night:

Hidden Vib's at night


It’s not only a place for an outing with family and friends, it’s also a perfect place for events! Perfect place to celebrate your wedding, birthdays and debut! =)

Check out theire facebook page for inquiries: Hidden Vibs Resort



There’s really a mystery…

at Hidden Vib’s resort because you will always want to come back again.

Hidden Vib's Resortphoto by my sister

Thanks to Kins for introducing to us the place at Alfonso, Cavite- just 15 minute drive from Tagaytay proper. And to the owners for the huge discounts! The first time was with our friends, pretty timing for after school party! Huge place for only 12 people. Then the second time was with my family. I had to insist to insist to them this place since their planning to have our summer vacation with mom’s side and pop’s staffs in Laguna. But this place is perfect for relaxing and perfect for my mom’s family because we have a BIG family.

More talks and more photos about the place on my next posts!




bye summer.

crazyGEMyes, it’s a crazy weblog.

Okay, it’s literally my last day of summer.

Tomorrow is the start of my internship.

For 200 hours. 8 hrs per day. Do the math.

Gee! I don’t know what to feel.

I know I’m not excited. I’m rather nervous.

Kins and I are not in the same company.

That makes me sad. But that’s the fuck fact of life.


I’m happy nonetheless.

And later, I’ll be going shopping for my corporate attire.

Skirt and blouse is the dress code.

Please pray for me… That I won’t get overdressed.

xoxo, G