Happy new year! It’s a start of a new decade.

Fambam’s complete for the start of the year. We started it with lunch (since we woke up late) at my grandma’s house. Ate lunch with my cousins, aunts and uncles. Then off to Resorts World again for the casino because my eldest sister hasn’t been there. Unfortunately, they got so strict I didn’t get in. Stayed at Starbucks with Gavin and my parents since they’re not in the mood for some gambling. As if, we’re just playing the slot machine. Haha. Then another coffee break at Kopiroti. Β Then off to hear mass at St. Therese Church just a stone’s throw away from resorts world. Time for thanksgiving. Thank you for a great 2010!

Then it’s dinner time. The first plan was to dine at Banapple in Ayala Triangle but unfotunately it was closed. Then second choice was at Som’s in rockwell, unfortunately again it was closed. So we opted to go inside powerplant mall and dine at Pepper Lunch. I’m such a happy bee because Kins is just home and they live near Rockwell, I could invite him for dinner. I insisted because I told him that it’s not often that we go to rockwell and we’re complete this time.

So, that’s the highlight of this post. HAHA. Dinner with kins and my whole fambam.

hair postAnother hair post.

There was a pretty long line at PL. As always. We opted to wait still. Actually mom did. My sisters and I strolled and shopbop-ed a little.

Ate Gold, Gavin and Ate GuiaSiblings!

Gavin(taken by ate giselle)

I don’t know where Gavin got his animal beanie but it’s so cute!! He was waiting for winter in Manila. Okay. =)) Had a little photoshoot first. The pandas are so picturesque.

Then mom called that we already had a seat. Then the food arrived.

PLMix it fast!

Ac and fambamCaption this look. =))

the cakeDark Chocolate cake from Sugarhouse

Kins bought a cake as a simple gift for my familia. He wanted to be sweet. And it’s dark chocolate because of moi. Dark chocolate lover!

ate and momAte Guia and Mom

sizzling hotIt’s “sizzling hot!” =))

dinnerthe dinner.

cakeThe cake was perfect for our dessert.

The mall closed earlier than usual because its January 1st. Too bad I wanted to hangout longer! Anyway, it’s still an awesome first for 2011.

I really have to blog it all out!


Happy new year!

And since it took me hours to post this blog entry. It’s already January 2nd. Happy happy kins!

xoxo, G

Paskuhan ’09

The morning of paskuhan day, kins and I decided to go at Greenbelt first because I’ve been wanting to shop for myself. We agreed that we’ll buy gifts for each other. It took me almost 2 hours to get a cab. Christmas rush. No car.

For an hour of window shopping we got tired and looked for a place to dine in. Kins’ first choice was at Felly J’s. But the waiting list was so long. It would take another hour for them to accommodate us.

I asked him to dine at Pepper Lunch instead. But we both know it wasn’t opened yet at greenbelt 5 but I insisted that we’ll look just in case. And ta-da!!! It was on its soft opening. It was really my day. :)

Kins eating his Chicken teriyaki and miso soup.
We had a really great spot there.
After eating we headed to SM Makati to meet my sibling and we’ll shop for presents for our family. My ate was soo late. I got really annoyed at Kins and I asked him to leave me. And so he did. Quite shocking. So I shopped myself. It took him ages to return. When he did it really got into my nerves. I was so not in the mood. Then after quite some time, he gave me a number and asked me to get something at the baggage counter for him. Hmmmm… So I did. Surprisingly it was the Charles and Keith’s shoes I’ve been lusting early that day. I really love his ways! :)

Then we met up with my sister and cousin in tow. Shopped for a little while with them then we left them. I wanted to do my turn on buying my present for Kins but we’re on a hurry to get back to school for Paskuhan and our friends are waiting for us there already.

We took the train back. It may not be the easiest transportation here in the Metro but it’s the fastest because of the traffic this season brings.

sitting on the ground with friends.
gem and jewel

The wedge shoes I’ve been talking about. I’m sitting on our college newspaper. :)
This was the most awesome paskuhan I have ever been. Its so nice to celebrate it with good friends. It was my first time to witness paskuhan’s fireworks. Kudos for UST! 400 days countdown to 2011.

xoxo, G