Happy New Year!

I hope I’m not yet too late to greet you that, blog. Sorry as I have been in a hiatus again. It’s hard to find time and honestly, the inspiration to blog again. Work has been taxing and it’s squeezing even the creative juices in me. So anyway, 2014 has been a great year for me! So many travels with my family, friends and of course, my special one – a blessed year indeed! 2014 cap off It was my first time to spend Christmas away from home as I spent it with my boyfriend’s family in Mindoro although I made it up on New Year’s Eve. Our family was complete. Yay! What a great way to end 2014 and to welcome 2015! Hopefully 2015 would be another blissful year for us! 10891669_10155026888945634_54699871734815966_n We celebrated NYE with Pops’s cousins too, our closest relatives, at Eastwood mall this time. It’s so fun to do a countdown with huge awesome crowd. It’s our second year to celebrate with them. IMG_6350 IMG_6355 10891896_10155027112925634_2583871646933738315_n Year of the sheep is just a few days away! Hope it would bring us all luck and happiness.

xoxo, G

Last day of 2012

Last year was full of family bonding albeit my sisters were living in different sides of the Metro and another one was living 1500 miles away. It was great to spend the last day of 2012 with them too (it has always been this way since my existence and I don’t want it to change just yet).

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My cousins were with us to celebrate NYE too! My family enjoyed the Ayala street party on 2011 so we decided to do the same thing and we chose a nearer hotel this time. Somerset Olympia was a good choice. I love the countdown party feel and the crowd around is nice too. I hate crowds but NYE in Ayala Ave, Makati is an exception.

301831_10152398655955022_1640672171_n 64061_10152398656165022_157871823_n

Makati City-20121231-01129

With my Aunt wearing C’s bunny ears so we can be easily found. (:


Here’s for a wacky 2013! :D Shangri-la Hotel was a nice background.

Hoping NYE will always be as great as last year’s.




New Year Countdown

My fambam and I celebrated New Year’s Eve differently this time. I thought its gonna be sad and quiet since we’ll be staying in a hotel- very different from what I was used to. But then I was wrong. We had so much fun because we decided to join the craze at Ayala Countdown since it’s a stone’s throw away from where we’re staying.

The adrenaline of the countdown with a very huge crowd is awesome!

Ayala Countdown


with my siblings :)


My sister told me to take a video of the fireworks. So I did. Then after, I didn’t get the point why I did it.

Photos are still so much better. :)



It was such a great way to start my year. I definitely have good vibes for 2012!




Photos are taken by my handsome Pops. :]

New Year’s Eve

Every year, we put up our sound system to make music for our whole street to hear with the help of our neighbors.

foods and drinks for everyone who wish to go to our house to greet my family a happy new year.

the only fireworks that I catched. Thanks for our neighbors’ fireworks. :)

That’s how messy our street was after all the fireworks.

I hope 2010 would be nicer than 2009.

It’s the first whole year that kins and I are together. 2010 would be full of studying, studying, studying. Wishing and hoping 2011 would be our graduation year.

I’m excited for what 2010 would bring. I’ll be turning 20 on 10/10/10.

xoxo, G