The Cat

This is way overdue- almost a year! Just saw these in my files and oh, I wanna watch it again. If there will be another CATS show here in the metro, will definitely won’t miss it. This is an awesome experience. They don’t only perform on stage but they also do parts in the audience area. One of the cats chose to mingle with me (haha! feeler!) For like a few minutes he was just staring at me and whatever I do to distract him he’s still in his character. (Well, dapat lang =)

CATS 2The Cat and his stunning eyes and my huge cheekbone

CATSIn front of me acting and meow-ing (:

xx, G

CATS! on its last day.


I super love CATS!

I love the way they connect with the audience.

One of the cats even lingered on my seat during the break time.

A very memorable encounter. But I still got frightened. Whew!

Rum Rum Tugger is my favorite next to Lea! He’s so cute and he loves attention! =))

I find it amazing that even Lea has only a stint in the show, everyone would stop just to listen to her. Her voice is breath-taking.


Thanks C!

xoxo, G