Cross for Neo-Centennial Graduates

I entered college in 2007. I considered myself very lucky because my graduation will fall in 2011 in which time UST will be celebrating its 400 years – Quadricentennial and I’ll be part of history being part of the Quadri-graduate. I didn’t give up to that idea until the very end. As what my friends always say “It’s not yet over till its over”. The bottom-line, I wasn’t able to make it. I graduated on October 2011. Solemn Investiture Ceremony in UST is once a year that makes me a 2012 graduate.

I was surprised there’s this “Neo-centennial” thing in UST that is the celebration of the end of its 4th centennial. UST loves event. Well, after all, UST deserves it.

Graduating on 2012 means you’re a Neo-centennial graduate. It still sound awesome. (:

Quadricentennial graduates received a medal for it while Neo-centennial graduates received this Dominican cross. To make myself feel better, receiving this cross is better than a medal.  (: It was blessed by the priest during the ceremony and we were asked to pledge too about our Faith and Thomasian virtues. Then we put he necklace on our neighbor (seatmates). We were told to carry it wherever we go especially in our workplace. Before if you ask me what I can’t leave the house without, it would be my rosary. But now, there are two.

Cross for Neo-Centennial Graduates


As what Camille said, “Some things are never overdue“. Nevertheless, I’m very glad I have reached my goal.




2ma4, 3ma5, 4ma5 and 4ma9 family

“Life is not meant to be traveled alone, so WE travel in packs. “

Taken during our last day of regular classes with Sir Neeley! He’s our Management Ethics professor.

He’s the best!


Last class outing in Tagaytay:


GQ Mobile bar made the night crazy fun!!

4ma9 outing

The morning after.

I’m gonna miss everyone!



with Ms. India, my darling seatmate

with Gurdeep Girn

Dear G,

I know I’ve told you this a dozen times and I will say it again – I will surely miss you. Thank you for a lot of things. Thank you for being so approachable. You’re one of the few persons I will never hesitate to seek solace with. Thank you so much for sharing your food with me whenever I get hungry in the middle of the class. Thank you for showing your care and concern for me. I really feel your genuineness.  Thank you for the laughs we shared together and all the hugs! Thanks for giving me the chance to host with you. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for all the medicines. I’m always glad to have an RCYC volunteer by my side.


I admire your personality. You’re very strong and you always keep your principles intact. I know you’re going through tough time now and even though I don’t know a single thing bout it, always remember that I’m here for you.

We will never forget AdvAcc. I’m so glad we made it! We’ve graduated already! God is so good right?


Never giving up! Cheers!

I love you!


I am a graduate of…

ProudToBeThomasianThe Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas

Baby, it’s safe to say now… SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER! After nine semesters, finally, I have my freaking degree. And gosh, I am so happy and proud of myself.

The photo above was taken at my favorite place in my university… the Plaza Mayor. I love its European feel. I won’t say I will miss it because I live nearby and I can go back anytime I want to. What I will definitely miss are the people I hangout with in this place. I will miss my crazy friends and blockmates. Albeit we have been through a lot of tough times still, all in all, college is beyond awesome and it’s because of the people (including my professors) I was with through the journey.

I am forever grateful for having the chance to study in UST. He knows that very well, I thank Him all the time. Even though Ateneo was my dream school way back in higschool, I’m very thankful He led me here.

Now it is time to face the real life – as they say. Wooooooooot!



P.S. Puwede bang bakasyon grande muna? :| Haha

My faux stolen shot


Blue (:

me and my blue dress

My blockmate, Nine, is one of the admins of the facebook page – USTolen Shots. I told her that I want to have a stolen photo there too. (: So she asked me to sit somewhere and pretend that I’m texting (I’m actually tweeting. :)). It’s her birthday gift for me taken on my birthday! Just two days after school. I know it’s baloney but I just want to have a little some buh-bye thing from my beloved uni.

Blue will always have a special place in my heart.




Aim high!


What lies ahead? The Unknown.

Two weeks left for school then we’ll be joining the work force- another new beginning. I get melancholic whenever I think about the remaining time left to spend at school and with my blockmates, quite the same feeling I had when high school was about to be finished. My separation anxiety attacks.

I guess it is more of not wanting to work yet, I’m quite afraid of the working arena. Not because I’m afraid of the responsibility (I already had a glimpse of it from my two internships), but because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to land to the job that I want. Work topic – everyday in school, with friends. I don’t want to rant about it anymore.

But I have to face it. I have to be confident. I’ve prepared for this! I’ve studied for 15 years for this! And the excruciating 4 years of that in college. I better be equipped with the proper gears for the working arena. And I believe I am. Who else would?

Wait, I have to pass first! I have to study hard for my final exams.  I’m having worries with one of my modules. Two weeks left. Two weeks to make it up. I need focus. So, I’ll be in a hiatus for a little while. Again.

Be back to you when school is finish.

Hope you’ll be back to me too.



MIS defense – Done and Proud!

Our study is about the Management Information System of the Accounting Department of Chartis Insurance Philippines. Thank goodness for Kyle’s dad because he supplied us with ALL the information we needed.

96 baby! We got 96% and that is for our final period grade already! Woooot! 20% of our grade will come from our presentation so we made it a point to dress to impress, and our KILLER heels did it!

In case you noticed, we’re wearing the same set of earrings! Arte much! But we’re not just pretty faces with killer heels though, we really did great with presenting our study. Confidence! ✓ Conviction! ✓ We were nervous because there might be holes in our report but they saw nothing.  Yay!

I’m also proud for the fact that we got 10/10 for the grammatical correctness of our written report. Woot!

girlsMy groupmates/super girlfriends! (L-R) Tricia, Kyle, Gem, Jew and Mina

LJaranzasoAnd LJ Aranzaso! The only guy in the group.

One down!