Tagaytay road trip

Tagaytay road trip is very mainstream with my family or friends but what’s special with this trip is that I’m driving. Yes, I’m finally driving and this is my first long drive. Pops couldn’t take the pressure and stress with me driving so he asked me to ask my friends to accompany me.

Thanks to Jew and Ac for making themselves available for this thrilling road trip.


It was nice and I hope to become a better driver. Driving entails such a huge responsibility! Anyway, I feel such a badass hitting 100 at SLEX.

What’s going to Tagaytay without eating Bulalo? We ordered so much more for three but we have to celebrate because it’s my first long drive and we’re all safe and no scratches was made. (:


More of this!



I’m pretty excited for me and my college friends’ outing tomorrow. But not as thrilled as for the event on Saturday though. It’s just that this is my first outing with friends. AS IN FIRST. I’m on my 3rd year in college now. Imagine? :-)) It would just be in Q.C. But what the heck? It’s still and outing. Kins confirmed unto the last minute. So we’re finally coming!

I’ve been so goood all these times.

Hope we’ll have a safe trip tomorrow! pray.pray.pray.

Btw, have I told you that I haven’t experienced an overnight with friends yet?

Boo me!

xoxo, G