My 24th birthday!

It has been over a month since my birthday but I guess it’s still not yet too late to share it. (: Oh my, one of my happiest birthday!

And since my work shift is from 4pm to 1am, I was pretty sure my day would start a bit early and I was not wrong. When I arrived to work the day before my birthday, I already got a cupcake surprise from Marj.


Then just a few hours after that, my charming surprised me with the biggest bouquet I have ever received so far.



As it is already a special day, my food binge buddies (that is my charming and Marj:) and I ate somewhere special. I love how the streets of Makati have hole in the wall kind of restaurants all over. We have yet to try the Your Local which is a stone’s throw away from the office and it was just the day we would.

Ambiance and food are just perfect! Can’t believe we’ve never been here before.

IMG_4433 IMG_4403 IMG_4417 IMG_4416

And trying Your Local means trying Yardstick afterwards which is just right beside it and even has a passage way from the restaurant. From a dark room to a light ambiance! Just perfect! We are hooked with their Peanut butter and honey (PB&H) shake and we kept coming back since then!!



The 12 midnight surprise from the team came! They gave me a cake and a huge greeting card with their sweet messages.. which made me cry a little. Of course, my charming gave me a separate cake. (:

IMG_4438 IMG_4450 IMG_4467


On the day of my birthday, it is a tradition in the family that we would have dinner. My charming has made a very sweet bday dinner plan but I had to cancel it as I would want to celebrate it too with my whole family. The Al Fresco side of Krazy Garlic in Greenbelt was a good choice! (: Our family has been eating in Krazy Garlic but I wonder why it was just today that we really appreciate and genuinely love their food and drinks. And yes, we keep coming back here too after this.

IMG_4490 IMG_4484 IMG_4486 IMG_4482 IMG_4489

On another note, my baby brother is growing up too fast!


My birthday didn’t end just that. On the afternoon of the following day, a few of my super friends came over our house to greet me with cake and Amber’s spaghetti! I was still in my night dress then since I don’t usually shower on Saturdays-and-just-staying-home. Hahaha.


So much love people have for me and I hope I could turn it back too!

Thanks everyone for making my day oh so special! And Thank You for all the great blessings in my 24 years!



Little Tokyo

One of the days I felt extra generous. I gathered the family and we ate at this place called Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo. It felt like a hidden place entering a small walkway to get to this outdoor dining place with tables in the middle and the restaurants are just next to each other on the side. It does make you feel the Japanese vibe. :p

The arch visible along Pasong Tamo. So that’s my sister and her baby.

Me and our cute little princesses.


Fambam and I definitely enjoyed our food though the service was pretty slow. The hotpot/Shabu-Shabu was served late (we’re almost finished) but it was so good it made us forget the delay. I enjoyed my Ramen too and we found out that Baby Zaab loves it. The gyoza and all the others were delish too.

Oh, if you noticed there’s my sister who is showing my other sister who cannot join us since she’s miles away our food. Skype helps us bring closer together. Haha. So that makes us really complete.

And just like the routine, we cannot end the nIght without the desserts so we headed to Domino’s near Little Tokyo and we had their desserts: the chocolate lava cake which is so divine and apple crumble which is just perfect too!


Always make you tummy happy! And your family too. (:


Two Things

Two things my family loves.


Pepper Lunch is definitely my family’s favorite fastfood. And whenever we’re at Robinson’s Magnolia, we know no other restaurant but PL. And which afterwards we’re certainly gonna get ice cream sandwiches from DQ. And it’s oh-so perfect! We’re as simple as that and we’re already happy.

Oh, let’s make it three things, including the crazy Lily that certainly has put joy in the family since she came in the house. Our family’s mini-maldita.



Pig out everyday

I’ve been binging a lot my new work has started because my work peeps do love eating too! Thank goodness they’re game for some run too after working (and that’s in the morning). I hope our morning runs would be regular. And maybe I could join them in playing badminton on Wednesdays.

In Thursday, we had dinner at Kanin Club for a joint celebration of She’s birthday and my first blood. I love Filipino restaurants that make me love Filipino dishes even more. And Kanin Club is surely one.



Yesterday, a few of my workmates and I ate breakfast (or maybe it should be dinner for us?) at Pancake House. It would always be my favorite since I do have a huge love for pancakes. I seriously almost died of laughing. These people are awesomely crazy! Hope things remain the same. Please people don’t change.


The star of the morning is this: Key Lime Pancake. It has meringue on top to mix it’s sweetness with the lime. I don’t miss to order Pancake House’ limited pancakes. I so wish though they put their Red Velvet Pancakes on their regular menu.


On to my fourth week and I’m looking forward to more pig outs with these people. And of course to offset it, more running and stuff too.



Pumpkin soup, my perpetual craving.

My love for pumpkin soup started during my internship days at Citibank. There was a time two in the team were giving a treat because of their promotion so we ate lunch at Bowler’s along Valero Street. The meal consisted of a choice of soup. Not being a soup fanatic, I asked for the waitress’ suggestion and that’s when I found love in a bowl. I’ve never eaten there again but I always have this constant craving for pumpkin soup so I always try it in every restaurant that I dine in that serves it.

Of all those restaurant, Press is certainly the one. The place for my pumpkin soup.


I took this photo on the second serving. Yes, I ordered again right after I finished the first one and a pasta plate. It’s so good I’m craving for it again!

Press Cafe, Powerplant Mall



I am a foodie, yes but I’m not a fan of buffets. I easily get full and I really don’t eat a lot at once. But even though I’m on a diet, I still agreed for a crossover buffet at Dads. After all, it’s a treat from my boss because we recently got our STI (Short Term Incentive) and for sure hers was huge.

So here’s a wrap up of what I got.




There are a lot more different cuisines to try but I can’t take any longer to get desserts and I’m worried my stomach won’t have any space for it.

My dessert plate. I’m a sucker for sweets.

The last. Halo-halo.


These are what I got and I was so stuffed after! We spent three hours in the restaurant. of course it includes chatting too while we hold ourselves from eating. How greedy people could be on buffet right? It’s nice to binge once in a while though. I enjoyed the food.

Dads, Glorietta 3, Makati City