Happy New Year!

I hope I’m not yet too late to greet you that, blog. Sorry as I have been in a hiatus again. It’s hard to find time and honestly, the inspiration to blog again. Work has been taxing and it’s squeezing even the creative juices in me. So anyway, 2014 has been a great year for me! So many travels with my family, friends and of course, my special one – a blessed year indeed! 2014 cap off It was my first time to spend Christmas away from home as I spent it with my boyfriend’s family in Mindoro although I made it up on New Year’s Eve. Our family was complete. Yay! What a great way to end 2014 and to welcome 2015! Hopefully 2015 would be another blissful year for us! 10891669_10155026888945634_54699871734815966_n We celebrated NYE with Pops’s cousins too, our closest relatives, at Eastwood mall this time. It’s so fun to do a countdown with huge awesome crowd. It’s our second year to celebrate with them. IMG_6350 IMG_6355 10891896_10155027112925634_2583871646933738315_n Year of the sheep is just a few days away! Hope it would bring us all luck and happiness.

xoxo, G

Pearl Wedding Anniversary

I am just as surprised that my parents’ renewal of vows for their 25th Silver wedding anniversary happened 5 years ago. And here’s a throwback.



Now for my parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary, my sisters and I planned (well, I initiated it) an intimate dinner for our family and with two closest relatives and one family friend. So we were 11 in total.

I wanted a private dinner. Romulo’s Cafe in Tomas Morato came to my mind since we had dinners there already and we saw their small rooms but I wanted a more elegant looking place but having the same budget. So I have been searching in google since I don’t have time for an ocular. A lot of restaurants showed up especially in BGC area but unfortunately, way over my budget. Good thing I came across ThaiPan! A Thai restaurant which is a stone’s throw away from Romulo’s. My sister and I visited the place a few days before and it’s perfect. Plus we have not dined here so perfect to venture a new restaurant. We had made a reservation and they did not ask for any reservation fee. Probably because it’s on a Monday. The room fits 12 for P5,000 consumable. There is also a room which can fit 25 pax for P12,000 consumable.





Our neighbor made the cake for my parents. I’m just thankful that a good supplier for cakes and cupcakes is near our place! I only gave her an idea of how I wanted the cake to look like and she had executed it very well.


Everyone loved the food and drink! The Tah Koh Sakhoo dessert is a must try. Their PadThai would not disappoint you. The cucumber drink though, don’t get it if you are not so into cucumber. (:






The bill got a little over than P5,000 plus I got the cake for a discounted price of P1,300. Another mission accomplished!

I would really love to be a party planner/organizer. That is why I put up things like this when possible. Good thing people, like my sisters, are there to support financially. Haha.

But the main purpose is really to celebrate the love my parents had been sharing not just for the two of them but also for us, their children. 30 years. Wow.

Cheers to love!


Boracay and the storm surge

On November of last year, I finally had a chance to see Boracay. It was planned ahead and the trip was a celebration of my sister and mom’s birthday. In a very unfortunate timing, we went there on time as the storm surge Yolanda is about to hit Visayas. Needless to say, the whole experience was more of stressful than relaxing with experiencing first hand the strong wind, transferring hotels with the kids, no electricity though thank goodness for generators, no ATM, cancelled flights, extra expenses for rebooking just to get home and all that jazz. But nothing really to complain about because we’re still very blessed considering how most of the Yolanda victims have experience. We still had a great time and I’m still happy to witness why Boracay is famous. It’s really a paradise.


The grotto before the storm surge hits Aklan.

The following day after the storm surge, Boracay was back to normal. Business as usual. Except that credit card or any card transactions are not possible due to the electricity breakdown and internet and mobile connection was lost too.


Thanks to my sister for this trip. She followed all the way from Singapore incurring extra expenses for getting an earlier flight from Manila to Kalibo and renting a van on her own from Kalibo to Caticlan. The universe would really make a way when you desire it (and of course sometimes you should have money for it too). Anyway, we had a relaxing massage by the shore to ease some stress away.



Just so happy still to be with my whole family, okay except for Pops, for my first Boracay experience.


My sisters and I really have the guts! Haha. Though only when dipped in the water. ;)

Hello Boracay! You are so amazing and mesmerizing.

Fine sand. Ooops! There’s my ring.

Utilizing photo grid. (: To cap off our nice adventure.

I still had quite a great time and hopefully more travel and bonding with my fambam.

Thank You so much for all the blessings and for keeping us safe.


Black Silver Wedding

I wasn’t so much into blogging yet when my parents celebrated their silver wedding anniversary four years ago. It was nice to reminisce it because my sisters and I were very hands-on for our big event and it’s the first wedding in our family too! (Of course not to include my parents’ first wedding since we were non-existent yet:) It was so nice that my parents decided to renew their vows in celebration of their 25 years of love!


Since black is Pops’s favorite color, we made it as the theme of the event. It looked elegant. It was a low-budgeted event but since this is our forte, we were able to maximize our resources and made good deals with our suppliers.


And here’s the summary.
















They are the coolest parents and their love is definitely my inspiration.

I do hope I get to find my forever too. Love, I’m always on you.



Two Things

Two things my family loves.


Pepper Lunch is definitely my family’s favorite fastfood. And whenever we’re at Robinson’s Magnolia, we know no other restaurant but PL. And which afterwards we’re certainly gonna get ice cream sandwiches from DQ. And it’s oh-so perfect! We’re as simple as that and we’re already happy.

Oh, let’s make it three things, including the crazy Lily that certainly has put joy in the family since she came in the house. Our family’s mini-maldita.



My sister’s 24th


My third sister turned 24 and I surprised her with her favorite cake on her birthday.

We’re both on the same work shift so we had her birthday lunch courtesy of Pops at our recent favorite Chinese restaurant, Mandarin Sky in Banawe.



The highlight of the lunch would be the eel rice. Haha. Enjoyed the food so much.

Wishing my sister more and more happiness and success! And more shopping for us!





My sisters and I sporting our ribbons at Soi.

Just one of the many hangouts with my lovey fambam. I just didn’t have the luxury of time to brag it before but this is the time to catch up with my backlogs. I love every bits of time spent with my family. I definitely have the best and I’m so blessed. And I definitely have girly girl sisters too with the exception of the second one. It’s just nice we all jive now unlike when we were young. I can’t wait for November for the fam would be complete again!

Done with my short bragging.