It’s time to vote!


It’s time to exercise our right to vote in this democratic country. It’s my second time to vote and I love exercising my right. This is the time I feel like an individual like me can make a difference.

Every election gives me hope. I know how much of a country we have right now but it’s still not yet too late. I hope we get to have real “public servants” who has integrity, competency and a great love to our country.

I love this country so much and I never wish to leave to leave for a greener pasteur. I hope this land would be a better place to live especially when it’s time for my future kid/s.



responsible citizen


Getting ready. Equipped with sunglasses and water for the heat.

Today, I’ll be part of history.


On the way with dad and mom.


The least I have expected! No queues at all.

Immediately directed on our precinct.

Looked for our number at the door.

Registered. Thumb mark. Voted. Inserted my ballot at the PCOS machine.

Then have my indelible ink at my right finger.

That easy. No hassle at all.


I wasn’t allowed to take photos but I got to sneak some.

That’s dad still voting. Making sure he shades the circle rightly.

For me, this first automated election is quite successful!

indelibleinkthe indelible ink

That would entitle me to have my C2 at 711 and ministop for only P10

and Buy One Take One at Subway. My favorite drink and sandwiches! :)

via Twitter:

@iamtimyap An indelible mark on a finger to remind us of what our forefathers fought for–the freedom to choose our leaders.Bravo,Filipino! A great day

@DirekJoey The voting is over, the counting has begun: no more colors to distinguish us from our loyalties. We return as the people of a single nation.

A responsible citizen votes.

If you cannot vote because you’re too lazy to register or you just don’t care..

Please, don’t complain whoever gets to be appointed.

xx, G