Random night with 4MA9

A dinner hangout initiated by my college seatmate, Gurdeep, for a mini reunion with our blockmates and two of our best professors – Sir Neeley and Sir JD. A dinner was set in Kanin CLub, Ayala Triangle. There was supposed to be a group of around 15 people but a lot made a last minute cancellation. And so we weren’t able to cancel our huge orders anymore. That night literally felt like it’s our last supper already.

Kanin Club

with Dio, Gurdeep, Lea, Sir Neeley, Sir JD and Jewel.  08/03/2012

Albeit we’re just a few, we had such an amazing and fun night! The guys are very funny. The whole theme of the night was White Chick. Yes, the movie. (: The girls were quite amazed and surprised that the guys know every single lines of the movie by heart. We can’t stop guffawing until our stomach aches! The fun didn’t end there. A random plan was immediately made. And that is to extend the crazy hangout at Dio’s place. It’s my blockmate’s usual hangout place for the booze and videoke. But I never go with them so it was my first time to see “The Bar” they were always referring to. True enough, Dio has this cool place in their house.

at Dio's house

Now we’re with Bryan too.  (:


It was also a night of singing our hearts out! I love random hangout like this with the unexpected people.

Cheers for more!





my4thyrbooksMy 4th yr. 1st sem books.

And yes, I’m studying all of them for my preliminary exams.

Most of the books are the required books.

And some I bought as my reference (workbook).


I’m studying because I want to learn. Not just because I want to pass.

xx, G