Gift Giving

Christmas season once again and it’s the time of gift giving. I am not successful in buying gifts for my loved ones this year because I hardly had the time and the Christmas rush thing is making me unwell.

I was able to buy gifts for my workmates, godchildren and my lucky sister though.

Gifts for my workmates

Gifts for my workmates

Gifts for my Godchildren

Gifts for my Godchildren

Gifts for my sister

Gifts for my sister

I’ll make sure next year I’ll give something special for my family and close friends. I’m gonna make it up.




BANANAS’ Christmas Party!

BANANAS' Christmas Party!HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the gang! :)

This is our December bonding since we’ve planned to hang at least once a month. I had the idea of renting a pad for ourselves overnight for our first Christmas after college. I chose greenbelt because it’s accessible to everyone since my friends live in all sides of the metro. I’m such a happy bee because everyone came.

Kris Kringle 1

Kris Kringle 2

Kris Kringle 3

We had an exchange gifts a.k.a. Kris Kringle. Usually, there will be a wishlist for the comfort of the gift buyer. But we opted not to have one this time because we assume that our closeness is enough for the gift buyer to know what the gift receiver wants.


Flaunting their gifts!

I picked Camille for the Kris Kringle. I got her… guess what!? Sodexo GC’s! I’m really sorry for not having the time to buy gifts. I could barely feel the spirit of Christmas because if the workloads I have.


The booze!

The food and the booze.

Amber’s never fails for events like this- spaghetti, pichi-pichi with cheese and chicken lollipops. We deviated from the usual pizza party.

The booze are upgraded since most of us are working now. ₱₱₱ Vodka Cruiser instead of Tanduay Ice and Cuervo imstead of The Bar. :))




P.S. – My friend Ina Banana blogged about this too. See it here. She was the only one who had gift for all of us. I love you and I owe you.

notebook gifttweet. tweet.

Merry Christmas to you.

with SashiFrom Sashi and I


I wish everyone a joyous Christmas! May everyone be filled with love.

And don’t forget the true essence of CHRISTmas. He is the reason for this merry season.



P.S. I am soooo backlogged.  I’ll be back at you before the year ends.

Paskuhan ’11

I’m so glad to be back home.

gem at UST

This is a haggard face. I did everything to make it to UST’s Paskuhan even if it took me an overnight stay at work to finish my deliverables (worked 34hrs. straight!). Then went straight to uni.

I miss my university even though it wasn’t so long ago but most especially, I miss my blockmates/friends. The moment I stepped in, it felt like home.  And finally, I was able to feel the spirit of Christmas.

paskuhan 2011

During my college days, I always look forward for the second semester because I always love seeing the Christmas lights around my uni at night. My school is really gorgeous. The designs this year are terrific. I’m glad I didn’t miss this year’s paskuhan. Our first paskuhan as an alumni.


Merry Christmas everyone!



(Credits to nine for the photos.)

Christmas Wishlist ’11

It’s the time of the year again!


1.  Canon G12. It’s portable and takes good quality photos. I want a camera I could bring with me all the time. And this is the one!


2. YAMAHA Keyboard. My old one is retiring, I badly need a new one.


3. Flat shoes. Buh-bye to all of my black leather school shoes!! Since I’ll be working soon, I want assorted flats! Preferably Torry Burch (JK!).


4. Good Books to Read.


5. Bag. I just want a new bag. Not too big, not too small… and this is perfect!

Michael Kors

6. One year supply of CHEETOS Cheddar Jalapeño! I blame my 3.5 lbs weight gain to this but I don’t care. :))

CHEETOS_Crunchy_Cheddar_Jalapeno7. Lifetime supply of Gummy Bears!

Gummy Bears

8. 3D/2N stay in Bellarocca, Marinduque. DREAM!


9. Complete BLISS!

10. Nice work

** Number 9 and 10, please do come true.**

48 days before Christmas. Feel the love.




christmas day with fambam

at Resorts World.

resorts worldresorts world

Christmas day is always spent with my fambam. But this year my eldest sister wasn’t able to join us because she has a family of  her own now. But still, we enjoyed and I was able to play at the casino! Yes, I was able to sneak in. And I used my dad’s card on playing the slot machines. I was the only one who had the beginners luck between my sisters. And we were able to cash it in after. Just a small amount though enough to pay for my sisters’ loss. =))

resorts worldcameras are forbidden inside.

fambamwith mom and my siblings

popspops =)

dinner at pancakedinner!

I just want to flaunt my straight shinny hair. Thanks to Tita D! My sponsor and hairdresser. =))

Happy happy birthday Jesus! It’s your birthday but we’re the ones who got presents. Thank you for the best present I’ve ever received. My fambam.


Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas!


Love y’all!