My 24th birthday!

It has been over a month since my birthday but I guess it’s still not yet too late to share it. (: Oh my, one of my happiest birthday!

And since my work shift is from 4pm to 1am, I was pretty sure my day would start a bit early and I was not wrong. When I arrived to work the day before my birthday, I already got a cupcake surprise from Marj.


Then just a few hours after that, my charming surprised me with the biggest bouquet I have ever received so far.



As it is already a special day, my food binge buddies (that is my charming and Marj:) and I ate somewhere special. I love how the streets of Makati have hole in the wall kind of restaurants all over. We have yet to try the Your Local which is a stone’s throw away from the office and it was just the day we would.

Ambiance and food are just perfect! Can’t believe we’ve never been here before.

IMG_4433 IMG_4403 IMG_4417 IMG_4416

And trying Your Local means trying Yardstick afterwards which is just right beside it and even has a passage way from the restaurant. From a dark room to a light ambiance! Just perfect! We are hooked with their Peanut butter and honey (PB&H) shake and we kept coming back since then!!



The 12 midnight surprise from the team came! They gave me a cake and a huge greeting card with their sweet messages.. which made me cry a little. Of course, my charming gave me a separate cake. (:

IMG_4438 IMG_4450 IMG_4467


On the day of my birthday, it is a tradition in the family that we would have dinner. My charming has made a very sweet bday dinner plan but I had to cancel it as I would want to celebrate it too with my whole family. The Al Fresco side of Krazy Garlic in Greenbelt was a good choice! (: Our family has been eating in Krazy Garlic but I wonder why it was just today that we really appreciate and genuinely love their food and drinks. And yes, we keep coming back here too after this.

IMG_4490 IMG_4484 IMG_4486 IMG_4482 IMG_4489

On another note, my baby brother is growing up too fast!


My birthday didn’t end just that. On the afternoon of the following day, a few of my super friends came over our house to greet me with cake and Amber’s spaghetti! I was still in my night dress then since I don’t usually shower on Saturdays-and-just-staying-home. Hahaha.


So much love people have for me and I hope I could turn it back too!

Thanks everyone for making my day oh so special! And Thank You for all the great blessings in my 24 years!



Our Kids’ Birthday!

My niece celebrated her third birthday party at Jollibee with about a hundred guests. Yes, my sister made it big for her third birthday since most people missed her first and second.






Above are my sister, my niece and Pepper. That was the last photo we had with Pepper before she get adopted. Sadly, I cannot make a good mom yet. She’s in a better place now with parents that take good care of her. Anyway, back with the birthday party..


Here’s our cutie pie blowing off her candles. She’s just so damn cute (and so damn maldita too.. well, at least to me. haha). She has been waiting for birthday six months ago. Her mom was pushed to throw her a birthday party at Jollibee because she keeps on telling everyone that she’ll be holding her party there. She’s just three but she has the act and the brain of a grown up. I kid you not. She’s very smart! So at most fights and arguments that we have (yes, we’re cats and dogs at home) she always wins! I might be this grown up but she’s definitely hot-tempered when it comes to me. I love her, nonetheless.


She’s half scared and half happy. (:

And here is my newphew’s 7th birthday at McDonald’s a week after:


This time it was an intimate party with only our close relatives and ta da! It’s a hoodie party for Euan! – my eldest sister’s son. Everyone came in their hoodies and it just looked great! It was perfect too because it was in January when it was still cold here in Manila.

Kudos to my dad for this idea!

Anyway, they are the precious little people in our lives. Can’t wait to throw a party form my little boy/girl too someday.




My 23rd!

I know it’s way past due and it has been over a month but I still want to boast about my 23rd birthday. And it’s because I got the greatest gift that I would be keeping a secret for now (no, I’m not pregnant. Haha)

One of my birthday blues every year is that it has been ages, I think I was 9, since the last time I blew a birthday cake. The universe made it up for my 23rd birthday. (:

Got these cakes for my birthday! (Clockwise) Pre birthday dinner date with my friend, Kyle. Midnight birthday surprise from my team, US Lubes Tax Admin. And a morning after shift birthday cake surprise from my family. My heart was already filled with joy just the early morning of my birthday.

Then we had our usual birthday dinner with my whole fambam. I love this tradition of ours, we celebrate and eat outside whenever one of us is celebrating his/her birthday. I grew up thinking that this happens to every family. I’m so blessed!

Dinner at Nanbantei, GB3

Then desserts followed at Burger Bar, GB2

I’ve received dozens of red roses too! *blush*

And my birthday didn’t end on that. Since two of my college buddies are in the same work shift as I am, we had breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast place. It’s still my birthday in our timezone anyway.


My heart was filled with joy having my loved ones around me. That’s what truly matters most. Oh, thank You. You have blessed me so much.


My sister’s 24th


My third sister turned 24 and I surprised her with her favorite cake on her birthday.

We’re both on the same work shift so we had her birthday lunch courtesy of Pops at our recent favorite Chinese restaurant, Mandarin Sky in Banawe.



The highlight of the lunch would be the eel rice. Haha. Enjoyed the food so much.

Wishing my sister more and more happiness and success! And more shopping for us!




Pops’ Golden Bash!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PAPA IN THE WORLD! I can’t believe Pops is 50 already. I’m very thankful he still has his strength and good looks. ;)


The surprise birthday bash was such a success and Pops loved it. He said his sincerest thank you to my sister who organized the whole party and I insisted him to thank me too since I funded the party. :D

We wanted it to be a huge birthday party since it is Pops’ golden year but due to our very low budget we decided to held it at home instead. The people closest to Pops were all there anyway and its what matters the most. Mom and my second sister were on Skype since they’re both in SG. Haha.


With my cousins and Lola (Mom’s mother)


Tito Den (Pops’ brother), James, Tita Beck (Tito Den’s wife), Pops, Joshua, Me, Ate Carla (Pops’ cousin), Bea, Gavin, Ate Guia, Euan and Chinee.


The special guests for the night were Pops’ ex-colleagues. He worked in PLDT for 20 years and he took an early retirement 10 years ago.


Lord, please give Pops more and more birthdays! Thank You.





Babay Z’s polka dots bday bash

Zabria, my eldest sister’s unica hija, turned one on December of 2012. My eldest sister came up of having the polka dots theme for Z’s birthday. It was nice to get away from the usual Disney princess or Barbie them for a girl’s children party. We also made the event intimate- only close relatives and friends came.

cakes, balloons and polky stuff The Lighting Mommy and the birthday girl



Z with the kids _DSC1280 _DSC1155 Happy Birthday! _DSC1123 _DSC1157 _DSC1111 _DSC1094

Polky sisters (:

Polky sisters (:

The party was held at the pink event room of Banapple at Il Terrazzo, QC.

Have your polky tea party as well!




Twenty Two!

So I can’t be Forever 21?

Oh my…

My 22nd birthday.

Another year older. And another year wiser?

For the past years I have always wished that I am older. I used to hate all the restrictions in being young.

But the table has turned already. I am older. I am part of the workforce. I have more responsibilities.

I realized that as you get older things become more complicated. The things I’m always bewildered when I was young – like how grown-ups can magically make simple thing complicated, I get it. Now I’m part of those grown-ups I couldn’t fathom when I was young. Now I savor the moment that I am still young somehow. I am still the youngest in our department in work (If that counts?:).

On the best part of growing older, I still have my whole fambam with me. (: I worked all day on my birthday then I had dinner with my family at Momo in Ayala Triangle. Dinner with them is still the best!

Nothing beats having all of them on my birthday. My sister who is in SG still made us feel her presence by paying the bill.

Part of me wished that I could spend it with someone special to me too. (Oh, quit the drama!)


This is it. Cheers!