CATS! on its last day.


I super love CATS!

I love the way they connect with the audience.

One of the cats even lingered on my seat during the break time.

A very memorable encounter. But I still got frightened. Whew!

Rum Rum Tugger is my favorite next to Lea! He’s so cute and he loves attention! =))

I find it amazing that even Lea has only a stint in the show, everyone would stop just to listen to her. Her voice is breath-taking.


Thanks C!

xoxo, G


Ristorante Pia y Damaso

Kins wanted to try Fat Michael’s in Magallanes but we found out that its is closed every Sunday. Β Then we thought of Cafe Juanita’s new a branch in The Fort. But for convenience purposes we decided to dine at Greenbelt 5 instead.

There are too many restaurants too choose from. Β I had the last pick and I chose the most cozy restaurant that is perfect for a date. And yes, Damaso it is! It has a very charming ambiance and perfect for a lunch date. It was our first time to dine in. Damaso specializes in Philippine Colonial Cuisine. Though, I don’t think the foods are exceptionally good.



Beef and Onion soupBeef and Onion rings soup (300)

I was surprised that there’s onion rings on top. But it fits perfectly well with the soup!

Tinapa AsparagusTinapa Asparagus Pasta (P300) for moi.

ChickenPastelChicken Pastel (P290) for Kins and Organic Rice (45)

Love the taste of Tinapa Asparagus- my first time to try it with pasta.

But don’t eat the pasta alone. It’s too salty.

DIGin!Kins’ digging in! He likes his chicken pastel.

Because he was able to finish it. Or maybe he’s just that hungry. :)

datedate!The aftermath!

We were so much in a hurry that we didn’t get to try their desserts.

Too bad. :'(

Our bill was the same as our buffet lunch meal at Cafe Juanita.

So I guess…

xoxo, G


Yes! It’s time to celebrate. But not really.

First, we attended the mass at UST church at 7:30 am for thanksgiving. Kins was late. And that ruined my mood.

It’s hell week part 1. We have quizzes everyday for the whole week.

So after that, we headed at the library.

AC@thelibraryYes… at the main library. Religion section. Quiet and very cold.

But okay, we have to do something special for the day at least… eat somewhere special?

Thank goodness! There’s Aveneto Pizzeria at the nearest mall. I always crave for their pasta.

pasta&pizzaPerfect match! Just like us! (too much cheese!! see? =)

still studying!And still studying. We were only able to eat 1 pizza each.

Then we’re off to school for our 3-8pm classes!


xoxo, G

Frozen Yogurt :)

(right: Kins’ chocolate kisses&mallows, left: G’s cherry, mango and sweetened apple)
Funny Fro-Yoh moment with Kins.

Kins: Oh! Bakit ang asim!? Why does it tastes sour!?
G: Because it’s yogurt!
Kins: Seriously??
G:You’re funny.

Mine’s so yummy! My goodness!!

You know when he doesn’t like it. :)

PayPhone ring!

I can’t remember the last time I used a PayPhone. I thought it’s already extinct, but no pala.:)
P3 fot the initial call. Now I know :))
(Kins checnking the movie schedule at the nearby mall while we’re in a mall.:))