The Farm at San Benito

My most soul-calming holiday to date. And for sure my girl friend, Chic, would agree with me too.

Reception area

The reception area where you get served by fresh coconut juice and wet towel upon arrival. It is also the place where they serve free afternoon tea and snacks.

The Farm

Peaceful isn’t it?

The Farm

Calming isn’t it?

The Farm

Relaxing isn’t it?

The Farm


The Farm The Farm

The Spa Area


Peacocks are just roaming casually all over the place.

Infinity Pool Infinity Pool Waterfalls Bakasyonista

There are three pools in The Farm – two infinity pools and one small pool with waterfalls.

ALIVE restaurant Breakfast 5 course meal dinner

ALIVE restaurant. The only restaurant in the Farm. It serves fully vegan dishes. The breakfast was superb and our 5 -course vegan meal dinner was unexpectedly good! The presentation of every dish made it more appetizing and eating it all is guilt-free.

And the best thing for us in this place is our the Sulu Terrace! There are more luxurious and bigger villas in the place but I wouldn’t choose anything else but this Sulu Terrace if you’re just two.

Sulu Terrace

Intricate carving on the door

Intricate carving on the door

Our haven. Our room. Wow-ed by our room.

Chic and I lovin' our elf room so much!

Chic and I lovin’ our elf room so much!

Sulu Terrace

We are definitely wow-ed by the simplicity of the room. It’s simply refreshing and relaxing. The bathroom is located at the back of the chill-out area. The bathroom has complete toiletries plus organic scrub that will make even your bath experience soothing. (:

Chic and I at The Farm

Chic and I at The Farm

There was a ‘bayong’ in the room and guests can use it to carry their stuff whenever they go out of our room.  It adds us to the The Farm feeling.

Chic and I

Our The Farm experience was nothing short of magical. We enjoy the lush surroundings and the relaxing activities. It makes you stress free even just for a stint.


Healthy and happy heart

We left the place with a happy heart.





Palawan Trip has a lot of firsts for my friends and I. It’s everyone’s first time to go to Palawan. It’s our first time to fly with just friends. And it’s our first time to have a trip out of our comfort zone. So this was definitely very exciting for all of us.

at Clark Airport

At the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport patiently waiting for our flight.

My friends wanted to dislike me for booking a flight that we needed to go all the way to Clark, Pampanga to ride the plane. Haha.

Flew with AirAsia

The flight was smooth. Thanks to AA! :D


The tourista pic.

Welcome to Palawan!

Welcome to Palawan!

Welcomed in Palawan with shell necklaces.

Outside our hotel room

The gang outside our hotel room.


Inside the van. My oh-so-huge legs!

The first wave of the vacation was a tour around the city. The highlights were the Cathedral and the Crocodile Farm.


At the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral. It resembles like the San Sebastian Church in Manila.

Touring thecity

At the Plaza Cuartel that has an interesting story. It’s for your to find out. ;)

Crocodile Farm

crocodile skin up there!

with the crocodile


The bearcat is so cute!

Tourista pic

It was an interesting and wild day at the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park.

One thing we did not expect in this Palawan trip. (:

The second day was for the Underground River tour which we all look forward to since the day we planned this vacation. The tour was priceless. Nature is simply amazing. After the Underground river tour we have decided to try the Zipline over water. It was breathtaking! I would love to do it over and over again only if not the trekking up the mountain was very tiring. Haha.

Underground River

Ready for the underground river tour.

Now to enter the amazing world of Puerto Princesa's Underground river,

Jew and we're about to go inside the cave!

The happy faces after the underground river tour.

Heading to the Zipline place



Ready for the zipline

Ready for the zipline. :)

Ready for the zipline. :)



Our third day in Palawan was for the island-hopping, snorkeling, fish feeding and bingeing!










This Palawan Trip was so bitin we refuse to believe that we have to go back to reality on the fourth day. I had left my heart there so I definitely need to go back. I hope we get to have more tips like this and the rest of the gang could come too.


August 2012. Puerto Princesa, Palawan.



Stalagmites, Stalactites

Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol

I’ve been to diffrent caves here in the third world but it’s my first time to see a cave that’s underground. I wish we had an ample time to stay, I would love to dive in the water.