You, my love..

You, my love, is God’s greatest blessing to me. Such a blessing that I can kiss you with my eyes closed and still be goofy yet everything, everything is just how emotions should be felt. If that even made sense. Because all of these seems not to yet here you are.. with me.


You, my love, is my adrenaline rush.

I love getting so high with you and not minding the world.


Or get really low and be amazed of the things we have yet to see and feel.


Or just on the ground and still feel the gust of wind that’s giving all the real excitement.


You, my love, is undeniably my Mickey in this magical world that we make; giving my life sparks. And what’s cooler is that you literally do.


You, my love, has put balance into my life – living life in the simplest and grandeur of things.

IMG_0582 IMG_5652

You, my love, is my universe. There are a lot more things to discover on you, and that makes me ecstatic.


You, my love, is my greatest secret. No words can describe how I am only a silhouette before you arrived. And when you came right in, you didn’t change me. Instead, you joined me and made me see and realise that we have the choice on how we look at life.


You, my love, is the bravest – having the courage to be away for that hope of a greater future. I am grateful for digital interactions but the hitch of separation is always there. Trying to churn the longing into thinking of temporary. But soon, my love, we’ll both be in the greater comfort of presence.

Happy second year. Cheers!