Nautical Birthday Party!

Czar would always say that his birthday is just like any other normal day and so he expects it to be the same this year.

I love throwing surprise parties for the people I love to make them feel special, because they really are. Plus I really love organising and planning events too. I planned it a month ahead and sent invites already to few of our colleagues, family and friends.

The Invitation

The Invitation

The party in BSA Suite Makati didn’t push through though because the hotel said that they don’t allow visitors to go the the hotel room. Whether they are really that strict or not, I do not want to take the risk. I canceled my reservation

Luckily and to our surprise, the restaurant La PiaDina on the ground floor of our office building has a small function room at the back. We have been eating there but we have not noticed it. Problem solved and it’s perfect since the party will happen in between our work shift.

10673122_716300375116229_796851586_o 10650623_716300785116188_877745965_o

I recommend the restaurant for small parties or functions since the food is nice plus the waiters and staff are okay. I even asked one waiter to act that when Czar and I arrived in the restaurant, he’ll say that all free tables are reserved and we can only be accommodated in the extended (function) room. He did well even though I was already laughing at the back!

Our colleagues, family and friends were there already before 7pm and they had the lights closed and Czar was really surprised to see them all! He didn’t get a hint that this was happening. Thanks to everyone who really acted well even on our planning stage. (:

10677441_716302721782661_452004488_o 10578301_716303955115871_234867208_n 10656512_716304358449164_883366573_n

Happy birthday, Czar! He understood immediately when he saw that the theme was nautical. He is a fisherman wannabe plus he loves watching shows in NatGeo, Discovery Channel and the like about fishing, Tuna, aquariums etc.

The cake idea was not well materialised though by my supplier. Good thing it still tastes great! Here’s what I wanted:


The guests:

10572821_716304231782510_876847078_o 10581069_716304678449132_1032890218_o 10614813_716303908449209_241970453_o 10658423_716305331782400_1438902187_o 10658428_716302315116035_797992_o 10662959_716302741782659_671742407_o 10676428_716305821782351_489465310_o 10676501_716305235115743_1293916338_o

The food and decors:

10303866_10154586993255634_9164681344016864165_n 10458033_10154586988960634_8606707912893253950_n 10577834_716303811782552_1239845052_o 10606411_10154586993395634_1371979362734978680_n 10629749_10154586992405634_6563781513409731243_n 10636043_10154584590275634_7948584156040635845_n 10650428_716302431782690_1713247260_o 10660978_716304771782456_1692502564_n 10609300_716304548449145_1672973335_n 10642831_716305461782387_1460970076_o 10650496_716305368449063_789492230_o 10663368_716305325115734_2031811437_o 10667897_716302435116023_865573839_o 10676666_716305458449054_1661994181_o 10678258_716305111782422_954014908_o

The games! Of course we should make it a legit party! The epic-pin-the-nose game and newspaper dance.

10383552_10154587012430634_1486366996868883236_n 10628151_10154587013060634_8754079211893938006_n 10557335_10154587013105634_2124420221479922610_n 10341726_10154587013205634_5438024283480070567_n 10612754_10154587013270634_9088017252954357338_n 10659236_10154587018675634_536506004539902189_n 10354745_10154587018915634_429012614182782640_n 10663290_716304951782438_814001847_o 10672327_10154587018435634_1184049059089714514_n 10639594_10154587019010634_3741556221484719747_n 10614272_10154587019130634_7512066963138027860_n

995076_10154587030940634_2034971336653879052_n 1497665_10154587047660634_2140971813350848945_n 10583814_10154587047585634_5804518994431857011_n 10636218_10154587031070634_1778667022378223677_n 10671444_10154587047525634_1119767714800724741_n 10696191_10154587030875634_2326544985015750523_n 10696193_10154587031420634_2669214743428402819_n

Everyone had so much fun especially Czar so target achieved! Thanks to everyone who came and made such an effort. Special thanks to Marj, my sister and my mom for helping me organise the party. Our work teammates and colleagues for coming albeit it’s during our work shift and some even had overlapping meetings. My whole family came too! And Czar’s sister, BIL to be and best friend!

14250_10154587051630634_1144268583561030125_n 10342796_10154587053730634_5347642019776165364_n




La PiaDina, Solaris One Bldg
Makati City


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