Pearl Wedding Anniversary

I am just as surprised that my parents’ renewal of vows for their 25th Silver wedding anniversary happened 5 years ago. And here’s a throwback.



Now for my parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary, my sisters and I planned (well, I initiated it) an intimate dinner for our family and with two closest relatives and one family friend. So we were 11 in total.

I wanted a private dinner. Romulo’s Cafe in Tomas Morato came to my mind since we had dinners there already and we saw their small rooms but I wanted a more elegant looking place but having the same budget. So I have been searching in google since I don’t have time for an ocular. A lot of restaurants showed up especially in BGC area but unfortunately, way over my budget. Good thing I came across ThaiPan! A Thai restaurant which is a stone’s throw away from Romulo’s. My sister and I visited the place a few days before and it’s perfect. Plus we have not dined here so perfect to venture a new restaurant. We had made a reservation and they did not ask for any reservation fee. Probably because it’s on a Monday. The room fits 12 for P5,000 consumable. There is also a room which can fit 25 pax for P12,000 consumable.





Our neighbor made the cake for my parents. I’m just thankful that a good supplier for cakes and cupcakes is near our place! I only gave her an idea of how I wanted the cake to look like and she had executed it very well.


Everyone loved the food and drink! The Tah Koh Sakhoo dessert is a must try. Their PadThai would not disappoint you. The cucumber drink though, don’t get it if you are not so into cucumber. (:






The bill got a little over than P5,000 plus I got the cake for a discounted price of P1,300. Another mission accomplished!

I would really love to be a party planner/organizer. That is why I put up things like this when possible. Good thing people, like my sisters, are there to support financially. Haha.

But the main purpose is really to celebrate the love my parents had been sharing not just for the two of them but also for us, their children. 30 years. Wow.

Cheers to love!



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