Online Shopping!

Online Shopping!

I was in a hiatus with my relationship with online shopping due to an incident where I was credited for about eight thousand pesos for a purchase that didn’t push through. Okay, I was purchasing an MK bag which is on sale at Macy’s site and the site said that my purchase couldn’t push through but upon checking my CC account… viola! For a yuppie like me, I can’t afford to be P8,000 poorer for nothing. Fortunately, after a few months of battling with Macy’s and my bank, I was able to get it back. I told myself then that enough with this online shopping.

But you know, true love never dies. (:

The convenience plus the varieties of products you see online, I cannot just give it up… especially when it’s on sale!!

I am a dealgrocer fan. I quit looking at cashcashpinoy, metrodeal, beeconomic and the others because it became so mainstream plus they sell just about everything. It’s hard to believe that you’re really getting a good deal. Dealgrocer is different. And I want things which are different and not mainstream. (:

I got the deal there for my soul-calming escapade at The Farm in San Benito and a sumptuous Early Bird Breakfast Club lunch which my boyfriend claimed to be his favorite restaurant in town. The discounts are real and the suppliers are great.

It is also through dealgrocer that I found out a heaven for people like me who loves cute and girly stuff and discounts. Taste Central is definitely the place. I love their taste. So one day I wasn’t able to fight the urge of buying accessories so placed my order and I was surprised to receive the parcel just the day after! And it did came in a box as seen in the screenshot.

This is not a promotional blog or how I wish I could get something for blogging this (haha) but I love sharing and I love good service so this deserves to be noted!

Cheers to more deals!!



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