Financial Milestones to be achieved before I reach 30

30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30
30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30

Okay, so today a workmate sent me a link to put more pressure in my life (a good one though). I’m sharing it to all of you and you can get there by clicking on the image. It is a list of the 30 Financial Milestones You Should Meet Before Age 30. I shared it with my boyfriend and he reacted in every item, which I am quite surprised. And I’m sharing it as well. Now you can get a hint of how he is like. Haha (:


Gem: _sent link. read that



1 done 2 soon 3 done 4 done 5 insane 6 maybe 7 i have to 8 dont beleive in Insurance company 9 not possible in the Philippines Gem: you should! well at least for cars but I don’t like life insurance either


10 Im an accountant its in my genes

11 you should read this 12 I am 13 thats me 14 sometimes 15 been to HK and SG within a month 16 I know that very well 17 wedding??? duh 18 Not with shell I know hahaha 19 Hosto? 20 Im pessimist 21 Goal? Azkals 22 23 Im not envious check the spelling of 23 24 Gem please read this 25 I have lots of relationship now (4cards) 26 who’s charity? 27 Gem we should get married 28 agree 29 everything is necessary 30 Gem and I knew this way before this article was published we hate money

Gem: why is 22 blank?

Boyfriend: I dont understand haha


By now you had a glimpse of what my boyfriend is liKe. First and foremost, I never thought I’ll get a proposal in this conversation. Haha. Kidding. But I love what he said about # 30 and how he emphasized to me #24. Success in life is measured on… well, it depends on you. But for me, being successful is living each day in happiness. And being financially stable and worry-free especially on debts are big contributors. Cheers to life and let’s get this done!




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