It’s certainly one of the places worth spending for! If I am as rich (or maybe the right term is as corrupt) as Janel Lim Napoles, I would certainly spend every weekend in Hongkong! I love just about everything! I love experiencing the first world.

Went to Ocean Park on the day after going to Macau. I have not been to Ocean Park so I’m just excited plus I had experienced being on the second deck of a bus! My little joys in life!

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Dolphins! ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? DCIM100GOPRO ????????????? ????????????? ?????????????

Then the following day was set for Disneyland! I don’t mind going back here because it’s certainly the happiest place on earth! Ocean Park is definitely way larger than Disneyland but I prefer being here. You can really feel the vibe they wanted to bring in you. This time we’re with two of my travel buddy’s friends.

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I always get goosebumps during the fireworks. I swear it’s majestic.


If you know me, you probably know my undying love for Winnie The Pooh! And it’s a joy to be back with my first love! (: It’s noticeable how Pooh dislikes my travel buddy. Haha.

10154581_648413535206892_2072339289_n 10154684_648413528540226_1842889724_n


We didn’t get to experience much of HK’s food due to time constraints though we tried how McDonald’s and Pepper Lunch tastes there! Haha. I know. Next time I’ll make sure to hunt for the best food in HK.


Food Republic Pepper Lunch


Till we see again Hongkong! Next time it would be for a staycation and binging on good food!



It’s always hard to leave this place.





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