It is not often that I do get a holiday but the best thing is, it won’t be everyone’s holiday so I can spend it in a normally crowded places for holidays in Manila.

For today, boyf and I had an awesome agenda.
-Lunch at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
-Watch X-men
-Spa at Toccare Spa
-Dinner at Burger King

Century Mall is now our favorite mall because we love the restaurants there and the ambiance of the place. Probably bec it is just new. I love the architecture and designs esp the cinema. Chic and clean. Gem approved!


I’m so thankful for days like this. Life is good.




It’s certainly one of the places worth spending for! If I am as rich (or maybe the right term is as corrupt) as Janel Lim Napoles, I would certainly spend every weekend in Hongkong! I love just about everything! I love experiencing the first world.

Went to Ocean Park on the day after going to Macau. I have not been to Ocean Park so I’m just excited plus I had experienced being on the second deck of a bus! My little joys in life!

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Then the following day was set for Disneyland! I don’t mind going back here because it’s certainly the happiest place on earth! Ocean Park is definitely way larger than Disneyland but I prefer being here. You can really feel the vibe they wanted to bring in you. This time we’re with two of my travel buddy’s friends.

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I always get goosebumps during the fireworks. I swear it’s majestic.


If you know me, you probably know my undying love for Winnie The Pooh! And it’s a joy to be back with my first love! (: It’s noticeable how Pooh dislikes my travel buddy. Haha.

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We didn’t get to experience much of HK’s food due to time constraints though we tried how McDonald’s and Pepper Lunch tastes there! Haha. I know. Next time I’ll make sure to hunt for the best food in HK.


Food Republic Pepper Lunch


Till we see again Hongkong! Next time it would be for a staycation and binging on good food!



It’s always hard to leave this place.




Macau take two!

I knew I’ll be back in this place because I didn’t make it at the right Ruins of St. Paul before! And this time, I finally made it! (: And since I’m with a first timer (my new travel buddy!) , all we did for our Macau stint is to go to the tourists-must-see places.

I booked our HK-Macau trip for February because I love the cold weather on that time and I’ve been wanting to dress in layers – my considerations in life!

Here we are in the bus from the airport going to our hotel in Kowloon. I chose a place near the port for less hassle going to Macau – our first destination.


At the ferry going to Macau. It’s about 45 mins to an hour from HK to Macau. We got the business class ticket so it came with free snacks and drinks plus a place on the second deck of the ferry.



And here we are! Macau’s Fisherman’s Wharf.




My favorite spot to take photo when in Macau is by this wall! Tee hee.




And the famous Venetian Hotel. It took a few minutes for my travel buddy to realize that we’re indoors. He though the sky was real! (:




And the highlight of my Macau stint! Finally!


Ruins of St Paul



The back. The facade is what all that remains.



So that’s pretty much it. Macau is best seen at night with all the overflowing lights from the hotels and casinos but my travel buddy has decided to go back home even before the sun disappeared due to tiredness.

But before I end this post, let me show you what we had eaten in Macau. Besides from the street foods we ate at the vicinity of Ruins of St Pail, we had this equally good meal at the Venetian. It costs about 1,500 pesos for those in the photo below so yes, if you’re a Filipino in the same class as I am, it’s a bit pricey. (:

Meal in MacauMeal in Macau


Most photos I’ll be showing in my travelogues is taken by my Black GoPro Hero 3+.

Given the chance and the budget, will certainly go back and maybe spend a bit some time in the Slot Machine. ;)