My grandmother’s passing

It’s the first time after a long time that someone close to me passed away and it’s the very first time that I saw someone in her death bed.


When we got the news, we rushed to my Lola’s house and saw her in her bed where she peacefully passed away. She was just sleeping. Well, she looks like she’s just sleeping. It was hard to grasp that she has gone away. She’s 79 and turning 80 on June which would have been a big celebration. Noche Buena will never be the same again without her. My maternal relatives gathers every Christmas Eve for her and now that she’s gone, things would be a lot different.

She is really a motherly type. Having around 9 children, 40 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, she never fails to show her care, love and warm hugs to us. She’s the best cook too. She always cooks our favorites and one of it was her tofu dish. I will miss it. And I will miss her.



In fairness, Lola’s hearse looks nice and not the ordinary. Thanks to my aunt for giving her burial plan to my Lola Estela Vargas.

She’s in a happy place now. That’s what’s most important.



And here are my Lola’s grandchildren. We love you Lola and we will miss you.

We will always remember you with a smile.


Love lots,



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