Our Kids’ Birthday!

My niece celebrated her third birthday party at Jollibee with about a hundred guests. Yes, my sister made it big for her third birthday since most people missed her first and second.






Above are my sister, my niece and Pepper. That was the last photo we had with Pepper before she get adopted. Sadly, I cannot make a good mom yet. She’s in a better place now with parents that take good care of her. Anyway, back with the birthday party..


Here’s our cutie pie blowing off her candles. She’s just so damn cute (and so damn maldita too.. well, at least to me. haha). She has been waiting for birthday six months ago. Her mom was pushed to throw her a birthday party at Jollibee because she keeps on telling everyone that she’ll be holding her party there. She’s just three but she has the act and the brain of a grown up. I kid you not. She’s very smart! So at most fights and arguments that we have (yes, we’re cats and dogs at home) she always wins! I might be this grown up but she’s definitely hot-tempered when it comes to me. I love her, nonetheless.


She’s half scared and half happy. (:

And here is my newphew’s 7th birthday at McDonald’s a week after:


This time it was an intimate party with only our close relatives and ta da! It’s a hoodie party for Euan! – my eldest sister’s son. Everyone came in their hoodies and it just looked great! It was perfect too because it was in January when it was still cold here in Manila.

Kudos to my dad for this idea!

Anyway, they are the precious little people in our lives. Can’t wait to throw a party form my little boy/girl too someday.





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