What has been life like for me (in case someone ever wonders)

Well, a lot of changes have happened for me mostly on the second half of the year last year.

First was that I transferred work from a non-life insurance company to a petroleum company, from being a local tax analyst to US tax analyst, hence from a morning shift to a night shift. Night shift entails no Friday or weekender night out for me like what I usually have. I have given that up. Also night shift has required me to bring a car (big thanks to Pops) because there’s no easy and safe commute route from our house to Makati unless I’ll be taking a cab which is very costly. Fortunately, for employees for my job grade and up, we have the benefit of FREE parking in our building and that is great! For my work, I actually prefer the kind of analysis I do for our local taxation and since I do compliance with my previous work too (i.e. Filing of return) while for my current process now, I handle tax administration (front end analysis). It’s quite challenging because taxation is quite complex in the US unlike here that we don’t have much varying tax regulations. But the great thing is, I’m well compensated now with lesser working hours. Hooray! Plus I love the culture at my current workplace – employee centered. So yeah, I have been living an owl life for quite some time now.

Second is that I don’t frequent in PowerPlant mall anymore. Being said that, things had totally changed.

Third is that life has been making me ponder a lot. Up to now it’s still hard to grasp the complexity of things. Everyday I tell myself that this is how hard to be a grown up after sighing. Some days I know I am strong to face everything, but there are still days I feel vulnerable. I wish I could share everything into details. But I’m not really the person who overshares this kind of stuff.

But overall, happiness still envelopes my being. I think I am really a happy person. I can see even the smallest reason to be happy about life and that what’s matters most – our perspective to things and I hope it can be contagious.

So there, to sum it all up, I’m still a dramatic person though the changes in my life. Well, some things don’t change after all.







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