Thanksgiving Getaway in the South

It’s really more fun in the Philippines. I love how accessible nice beaches are. I love being with nature and of course, with good company. As I am dealing with US Taxes now, we follow the US holidays too. Now I get to appreciate Thanksgiving. I’m glad half of my teammates are game for a getaway and Aquatico in Laiya, Batangas was perfect. Exclusive. Serene. Relaxing.



It’s nice how they have maximized the place. Thought it was huge in the photos.

Us and our villa. I have so much to say about the structure and how much spaces it has wasted inside but I won’t anymore. Haha. The resort is a gorgeous place but it’s not one of those places you would want to keep coming back. It’s a place that’s it’s enough you’ve been to once.

We’re this close but none in the team would dare ask us. Or maybe there’s no need to. (:


The food.. Exceptionally normal. It’s all about the ambiance.


My awesome workmates. Night swimming. Small talks. And dozing off early.

Life is beautiful.

This trip was my longest drive thus far. I’m happy too that I’m getting good on driving and that my teammates trusted me. (:

Quite a relaxing break.



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