NYE 2013

It’s the third year that we are celebrating NYE away from home. Okay maybe that’s an overstatement because it’s still within Manila. Anyway, this time we got even bigger because Pops’ cousins decided to join us especially for the Ayala street party and the fireworks. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the Yolanda tragedy and we found that out too late to cancel our hotel reservations. Anyhow we still had loads of fun which the potluck of food and exchange of gifts.


Our potluck food for NYE.


Someone eyeing over the chicken. ;)


Gavin and baby Zaab!


Just enjoyed the dancing lights at Ayala Triangle since there’s no street party.


Two of my favorite Aunts! The other one was just photobombing. (:


HELLO 2014! The Franco-Gutierrez Clan.


Got photobombed by my nephew. Haha. NYE with my handsome man so I got the “Kiss on NYE” off my bucket list. Cheeeeeese.

Wonder how 2014 would surprise me because 2013 did a lot of surprises.

Cheers to all of you!




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