Dec2013 Superfriends’ Bonding

Some things might have changed, but the friendship definitely stays the same.

Not everyone made it but we still had fun especially with our charades game. Well, even without it, it’s always crazy fun with the gang. (:



I booked us a room at Bel Air Soho Suites in Makati Ave which was such a wrong move. It was cheap okay. But the room was small and a foreigner bagged our door because we’re noisy. We’re playing games! Damn him for lack of etiquette. He could have talked to us calmly and we would lower our voices. You know the feeling of getting berated by a crazy foreigner in your own land. I would have him exiled if only I have the power. But anyway, we still had fun. (:



Everywhere we eat. Pizza and chicken for the night. (:

Hopefully we would be complete again though it may not be soon for some things I have caused. I’m glad they are still there for me though. They are definitely one of the best people in my life.

Love them!




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