Boracay and the storm surge

On November of last year, I finally had a chance to see Boracay. It was planned ahead and the trip was a celebration of my sister and mom’s birthday. In a very unfortunate timing, we went there on time as the storm surge Yolanda is about to hit Visayas. Needless to say, the whole experience was more of stressful than relaxing with experiencing first hand the strong wind, transferring hotels with the kids, no electricity though thank goodness for generators, no ATM, cancelled flights, extra expenses for rebooking just to get home and all that jazz. But nothing really to complain about because we’re still very blessed considering how most of the Yolanda victims have experience. We still had a great time and I’m still happy to witness why Boracay is famous. It’s really a paradise.


The grotto before the storm surge hits Aklan.

The following day after the storm surge, Boracay was back to normal. Business as usual. Except that credit card or any card transactions are not possible due to the electricity breakdown and internet and mobile connection was lost too.


Thanks to my sister for this trip. She followed all the way from Singapore incurring extra expenses for getting an earlier flight from Manila to Kalibo and renting a van on her own from Kalibo to Caticlan. The universe would really make a way when you desire it (and of course sometimes you should have money for it too). Anyway, we had a relaxing massage by the shore to ease some stress away.



Just so happy still to be with my whole family, okay except for Pops, for my first Boracay experience.


My sisters and I really have the guts! Haha. Though only when dipped in the water. ;)

Hello Boracay! You are so amazing and mesmerizing.

Fine sand. Ooops! There’s my ring.

Utilizing photo grid. (: To cap off our nice adventure.

I still had quite a great time and hopefully more travel and bonding with my fambam.

Thank You so much for all the blessings and for keeping us safe.



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