Double Couple


Double Couple

But we’re sweeter because we are.


What has been life like for me (in case someone ever wonders)

Well, a lot of changes have happened for me mostly on the second half of the year last year.

First was that I transferred work from a non-life insurance company to a petroleum company, from being a local tax analyst to US tax analyst, hence from a morning shift to a night shift. Night shift entails no Friday or weekender night out for me like what I usually have. I have given that up. Also night shift has required me to bring a car (big thanks to Pops) because there’s no easy and safe commute route from our house to Makati unless I’ll be taking a cab which is very costly. Fortunately, for employees for my job grade and up, we have the benefit of FREE parking in our building and that is great! For my work, I actually prefer the kind of analysis I do for our local taxation and since I do compliance with my previous work too (i.e. Filing of return) while for my current process now, I handle tax administration (front end analysis). It’s quite challenging because taxation is quite complex in the US unlike here that we don’t have much varying tax regulations. But the great thing is, I’m well compensated now with lesser working hours. Hooray! Plus I love the culture at my current workplace – employee centered.ย So yeah, I have been living an owl life for quite some time now.

Second is that I don’t frequent in PowerPlant mall anymore. Being said that, things had totally changed.

Third is that life has been making me ponder a lot. Up to now it’s still hard to grasp the complexity of things. Everyday I tell myself that this is how hard to be a grown up after sighing. Some days I know I am strong to face everything, but there are still days I feel vulnerable. I wish I could share everything into details. But I’m not really the person who overshares this kind of stuff.

But overall, happiness still envelopes my being. I think I am really a happy person. I can see even the smallest reason to be happy about life and that what’s matters most – our perspective to things and I hope it can be contagious.

So there, to sum it all up, I’m still a dramatic person though the changes in my life. Well, some things don’t change after all.






Dec2013 Superfriends’ Bonding

Some things might have changed, but the friendship definitely stays the same.

Not everyone made it but we still had fun especially with our charades game. Well, even without it, it’s always crazy fun with the gang. (:



I booked us a room at Bel Air Soho Suites in Makati Ave which was such a wrong move. It was cheap okay. But the room was small and a foreigner bagged our door because we’re noisy. We’re playing games! Damn him for lack of etiquette. He could have talked to us calmly and we would lower our voices. You know the feeling of getting berated by a crazy foreigner in your own land. I would have him exiled if only I have the power. But anyway, we still had fun. (:



Everywhere we eat. Pizza and chicken for the night. (:

Hopefully we would be complete again though it may not be soon for some things I have caused. I’m glad they are still there for me though. They are definitely one of the best people in my life.

Love them!



3Q2013 Barangay Meeting

One of the highlights of 2013 at work would be our Department’s Townhall for third quarter that was hosted by my team. Every quarter, different teams host the event. It was a highlight for me because my team received quite a number of commendations after the event and some even said that we have set the standard high. In short, we really made it bongga! (:

The theme of the event was Hollywood. Two balloon towers, posters, email blasts for invitation and mini games, kalokalike game for the event, mini cupcakes for the attendees as they arrive, personalized frames for the awardees, newbies awesome performance, Kenny Roger’s for the meal after the townhall (which was new because we got a way higher budget this time) and so much more. And the biggest highlight would be… Me, hosting the event. (:











It was really a success!

The team behind the event. All efforts paid off!



Thanksgiving Getaway in the South

It’s really more fun in the Philippines. I love how accessible nice beaches are. I love being with nature and of course, with good company. As I am dealing with US Taxes now, we follow the US holidays too. Now I get to appreciate Thanksgiving. I’m glad half of my teammates are game for a getaway and Aquatico in Laiya, Batangas was perfect. Exclusive. Serene. Relaxing.



It’s nice how they have maximized the place. Thought it was huge in the photos.

Us and our villa. I have so much to say about the structure and how much spaces it has wasted inside but I won’t anymore. Haha. The resort is a gorgeous place but it’s not one of those places you would want to keep coming back. It’s a place that’s it’s enough you’ve been to once.

We’re this close but none in the team would dare ask us. Or maybe there’s no need to. (:


The food.. Exceptionally normal. It’s all about the ambiance.


My awesome workmates. Night swimming. Small talks. And dozing off early.

Life is beautiful.

This trip was my longest drive thus far. I’m happy too that I’m getting good on driving and that my teammates trusted me. (:

Quite a relaxing break.


Boracay and the storm surge

On November of last year, I finally had a chance to see Boracay. It was planned ahead and the trip was a celebration of my sister and mom’s birthday. In a very unfortunate timing, we went there on time as the storm surge Yolanda is about to hit Visayas. Needless to say, the whole experience was more of stressful than relaxing with experiencing first hand the strong wind, transferring hotels with the kids, no electricity though thank goodness for generators, no ATM, cancelled flights, extra expenses for rebooking just to get home and all that jazz. But nothing really to complain about because we’re still very blessed considering how most of the Yolanda victims have experience. We still had a great time and I’m still happy to witness why Boracay is famous. It’s really a paradise.


The grotto before the storm surge hits Aklan.

The following day after the storm surge, Boracay was back to normal. Business as usual. Except that credit card or any card transactions are not possible due to the electricity breakdown and internet and mobile connection was lost too.


Thanks to my sister for this trip. She followed all the way from Singapore incurring extra expenses for getting an earlier flight from Manila to Kalibo and renting a van on her own from Kalibo to Caticlan. The universe would really make a way when you desire it (and of course sometimes you should have money for it too). Anyway, we had a relaxing massage by the shore to ease some stress away.



Just so happy still to be with my whole family, okay except for Pops, for my first Boracay experience.


My sisters and I really have the guts! Haha. Though only when dipped in the water. ;)

Hello Boracay! You are so amazing and mesmerizing.

Fine sand. Ooops! There’s my ring.

Utilizing photo grid. (: To cap off our nice adventure.

I still had quite a great time and hopefully more travel and bonding with my fambam.

Thank You so much for all the blessings and for keeping us safe.


NYE 2013

It’s the third year that we are celebrating NYE away from home. Okay maybe that’s an overstatement because it’s still within Manila. Anyway, this time we got even bigger because Pops’ cousins decided to join us especially for the Ayala street party and the fireworks. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the Yolanda tragedy and we found that out too late to cancel our hotelย reservations. Anyhow we still had loads of fun which the potluck of food and exchange of gifts.


Our potluck food for NYE.


Someone eyeing over the chicken. ;)


Gavin and baby Zaab!


Just enjoyed the dancing lights at Ayala Triangle since there’s no street party.


Two of my favorite Aunts! The other one was just photobombing. (:


HELLO 2014! The Franco-Gutierrez Clan.


Got photobombed by my nephew. Haha. NYE with my handsome man so I got the “Kiss on NYE” off my bucket list. Cheeeeeese.

Wonder how 2014 would surprise me because 2013 did a lot of surprises.

Cheers to all of you!