My 23rd!

I know it’s way past due and it has been over a month but I still want to boast about my 23rd birthday. And it’s because I got the greatest gift that I would be keeping a secret for now (no, I’m not pregnant. Haha)

One of my birthday blues every year is that it has been ages, I think I was 9, since the last time I blew a birthday cake. The universe made it up for my 23rd birthday. (:

Got these cakes for my birthday! (Clockwise) Pre birthday dinner date with my friend, Kyle. Midnight birthday surprise from my team, US Lubes Tax Admin. And a morning after shift birthday cake surprise from my family. My heart was already filled with joy just the early morning of my birthday.

Then we had our usual birthday dinner with my whole fambam. I love this tradition of ours, we celebrate and eat outside whenever one of us is celebrating his/her birthday. I grew up thinking that this happens to every family. I’m so blessed!

Dinner at Nanbantei, GB3

Then desserts followed at Burger Bar, GB2

I’ve received dozens of red roses too! *blush*

And my birthday didn’t end on that. Since two of my college buddies are in the same work shift as I am, we had breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast place. It’s still my birthday in our timezone anyway.


My heart was filled with joy having my loved ones around me. That’s what truly matters most. Oh, thank You. You have blessed me so much.



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