Little Tokyo

One of the days I felt extra generous. I gathered the family and we ate at this place called Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo. It felt like a hidden place entering a small walkway to get to this outdoor dining place with tables in the middle and the restaurants are just next to each other on the side. It does make you feel the Japanese vibe. :p

The arch visible along Pasong Tamo. So that’s my sister and her baby.

Me and our cute little princesses.


Fambam and I definitely enjoyed our food though the service was pretty slow. The hotpot/Shabu-Shabu was served late (we’re almost finished) but it was so good it made us forget the delay. I enjoyed my Ramen too and we found out that Baby Zaab loves it. The gyoza and all the others were delish too.

Oh, if you noticed there’s my sister who is showing my other sister who cannot join us since she’s miles away our food. Skype helps us bring closer together. Haha. So that makes us really complete.

And just like the routine, we cannot end the nIght without the desserts so we headed to Domino’s near Little Tokyo and we had their desserts: the chocolate lava cake which is so divine and apple crumble which is just perfect too!


Always make you tummy happy! And your family too. (:



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