My Praesidium’s 28th Anniversary

Sundays will always be spent with my LOM family specifically with my praesidium. In our LOM society, we’re divided into clusters and we call it praesidium. I belong to an all female group. There are all boys and mixed ones too. I’ve been the president for two years now and I’ve been presiding the weekly meeting and all the activities and works we undertake. I grew up with them. Some people leave but there are always new people too. If I’m not mistaken, my parents met here. So my sisters and I have been part of it since we were young but among us, I’m the only one left active since they don’t live at home anymore.

September 8 will always be special for us because first, it’s Mama Mary’s birthday and second, it’s our Praesidium’s anniversary.

The celebration was only planned for a week but it’s so surprising the outcome was great! We managed to set invitations for ourselves and we had a formal program though the event will only be held in our sala. Our house is like the extension of the hall rooms in the parish. Haha. Food is potluck too. We had so much food because everyone is just so generous! And we certainly know how to had fun! We had games and mini raffles too.



We have a photobooth thing too just for fun and vanity. Haha. I has a photo opt with our Nanay bunnies! It’s fun that our group is comprised of different ages but we still all jive together.


My Handmaids in red!


Every Sunday, it get the sense of fulfillment after presiding the meeting and having our works done. Everything for You.



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