After my Tagaytay bonding with awesome superfriends, I headed to work straight again even on a Sunday. We’re asked to do some overtime for tax checks that lasted till the day after, about 9am of Monday. Surprisingly, it was raining very hard and there are school suspensions already due to the floods but still I opted to go home to quickly change before going back to work again after a few hours. Work shift starts at 9pm but we’re asked to go back in the afternoon to continue the project. So I did and I brought some clothes considering it might demand more time and I won’t be able to go back home. Since we lack sleep, the company was so nice to get us a room at Mandarin Hotel where we can get naps (though we have lounges at work). And that is valuing people. Fortunately or unfortunately rather, we had to stay for two more night at Mandarin due to the monsoon that brought too much rain which caused flooding in most areas here in the Metro. And since we’re just nearby, we still do report to work and all of our meals are cared of too. It was certainly the time I felt so blessed for all those comforts. Seeing how people suffer due to the calamity is just hard.

Anyway, of course as Filipinos we all do squeeze fun despite anything the challenges us.

And I share you some photos. (:

Chad and I bugs everyone in the team for some photo opt.

Day 1 roomie is Ai.

Day 2 roomies – Ai and Mommy.

Day 3 roomie is Shelbie.

Room 428 will definitely have a special place in my heart. (:

Breakfast at Paseo Uno. I love those lilies!


My whole team complete for days despite the BCP and all that jazz. We all had to go shopping for clothes already. We’re so bonded afterwards.

One major learning for us is to take BCP clothes and stuff seriously. And we do appreciated how we were taken care of.

I knew I did a good move.




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