August bonding back in the South

Whenever we want to hangout out of town, there’s only one place to go… and where else but in Tagaytay because of the cold breeze weather and of course, one of us has a house there we could stay overnight.

First stop would always be in Nuvali. I carpooled with Jancel together with his girlfriend, Mae and LJ and Tricia. Then Kyle’s with his boyfriend, and Sherry and Jew carpooled with them. Mina, Alvin and Zac then carpooled with Ac and they just followed later that day.

We headed to Tagaytay for lunch at RSM since we’re done with Leslie’s, Taalena and the rest I can’t remember. Since it was raining that day, we had no place to hangout to so we decided to chill at Bags of Beans for some coffee while we’re waiting for Ac since he has the house keys. I made us play some easy games first like Pinoy Henyo to kill time. It was so much fun!

The gang at Bags of Beans

The girls at Summit Ridge. It’s another routine to go here for grocery shopping for our food and the booze.

The whole gang!! It’s the first time we’re this many here at Ac’s Tagaytay house.

Even our future lawyer came though as you can see, she’s still focused with her studies. Kudos!

Nothing could ever beat the fun I always have with these crazy people. There were drama sesh too but it’s just one of the things that makes us closer.


This is certainly kind of friendship you would definitely want to last forever. I’m very lucky to have these people in my life!

Tagaytay City



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