Black Silver Wedding

I wasn’t so much into blogging yet when my parents celebrated their silver wedding anniversary four years ago. It was nice to reminisce it because my sisters and I were very hands-on for our big event and it’s the first wedding in our family too! (Of course not to include my parents’ first wedding since we were non-existent yet:) It was so nice that my parents decided to renew their vows in celebration of their 25 years of love!


Since black is Pops’s favorite color, we made it as the theme of the event. It looked elegant. It was a low-budgeted event but since this is our forte, we were able to maximize our resources and made good deals with our suppliers.


And here’s the summary.
















They are the coolest parents and their love is definitely my inspiration.

I do hope I get to find my forever too. Love, I’m always on you.



Two Things

Two things my family loves.


Pepper Lunch is definitely my family’s favorite fastfood. And whenever we’re at Robinson’s Magnolia, we know no other restaurant but PL. And which afterwards we’re certainly gonna get ice cream sandwiches from DQ. And it’s oh-so perfect! We’re as simple as that and we’re already happy.

Oh, let’s make it three things, including the crazy Lily that certainly has put joy in the family since she came in the house. Our family’s mini-maldita.



My Praesidium’s 28th Anniversary

Sundays will always be spent with my LOM family specifically with my praesidium. In our LOM society, we’re divided into clusters and we call it praesidium. I belong to an all female group. There are all boys and mixed ones too. I’ve been the president for two years now and I’ve been presiding the weekly meeting and all the activities and works we undertake. I grew up with them. Some people leave but there are always new people too. If I’m not mistaken, my parents met here. So my sisters and I have been part of it since we were young but among us, I’m the only one left active since they don’t live at home anymore.

September 8 will always be special for us because first, it’s Mama Mary’s birthday and second, it’s our Praesidium’s anniversary.

The celebration was only planned for a week but it’s so surprising the outcome was great! We managed to set invitations for ourselves and we had a formal program though the event will only be held in our sala. Our house is like the extension of the hall rooms in the parish. Haha. Food is potluck too. We had so much food because everyone is just so generous! And we certainly know how to had fun! We had games and mini raffles too.



We have a photobooth thing too just for fun and vanity. Haha. I has a photo opt with our Nanay bunnies! It’s fun that our group is comprised of different ages but we still all jive together.


My Handmaids in red!


Every Sunday, it get the sense of fulfillment after presiding the meeting and having our works done. Everything for You.


My sister’s 24th


My third sister turned 24 and I surprised her with her favorite cake on her birthday.

We’re both on the same work shift so we had her birthday lunch courtesy of Pops at our recent favorite Chinese restaurant, Mandarin Sky in Banawe.



The highlight of the lunch would be the eel rice. Haha. Enjoyed the food so much.

Wishing my sister more and more happiness and success! And more shopping for us!





My sisters and I sporting our ribbons at Soi.

Just one of the many hangouts with my lovey fambam. I just didn’t have the luxury of time to brag it before but this is the time to catch up with my backlogs. I love every bits of time spent with my family. I definitely have the best and I’m so blessed. And I definitely have girly girl sisters too with the exception of the second one. It’s just nice we all jive now unlike when we were young. I can’t wait for November for the fam would be complete again!

Done with my short bragging.




After my Tagaytay bonding with awesome superfriends, I headed to work straight again even on a Sunday. We’re asked to do some overtime for tax checks that lasted till the day after, about 9am of Monday. Surprisingly, it was raining very hard and there are school suspensions already due to the floods but still I opted to go home to quickly change before going back to work again after a few hours. Work shift starts at 9pm but we’re asked to go back in the afternoon to continue the project. So I did and I brought some clothes considering it might demand more time and I won’t be able to go back home. Since we lack sleep, the company was so nice to get us a room at Mandarin Hotel where we can get naps (though we have lounges at work). And that is valuing people. Fortunately or unfortunately rather, we had to stay for two more night at Mandarin due to the monsoon that brought too much rain which caused flooding in most areas here in the Metro. And since we’re just nearby, we still do report to work and all of our meals are cared of too. It was certainly the time I felt so blessed for all those comforts. Seeing how people suffer due to the calamity is just hard.

Anyway, of course as Filipinos we all do squeeze fun despite anything the challenges us.

And I share you some photos. (:

Chad and I bugs everyone in the team for some photo opt.

Day 1 roomie is Ai.

Day 2 roomies – Ai and Mommy.

Day 3 roomie is Shelbie.

Room 428 will definitely have a special place in my heart. (:

Breakfast at Paseo Uno. I love those lilies!


My whole team complete for days despite the BCP and all that jazz. We all had to go shopping for clothes already. We’re so bonded afterwards.

One major learning for us is to take BCP clothes and stuff seriously. And we do appreciated how we were taken care of.

I knew I did a good move.



August bonding back in the South

Whenever we want to hangout out of town, there’s only one place to go… and where else but in Tagaytay because of the cold breeze weather and of course, one of us has a house there we could stay overnight.

First stop would always be in Nuvali. I carpooled with Jancel together with his girlfriend, Mae and LJ and Tricia. Then Kyle’s with his boyfriend, and Sherry and Jew carpooled with them. Mina, Alvin and Zac then carpooled with Ac and they just followed later that day.

We headed to Tagaytay for lunch at RSM since we’re done with Leslie’s, Taalena and the rest I can’t remember. Since it was raining that day, we had no place to hangout to so we decided to chill at Bags of Beans for some coffee while we’re waiting for Ac since he has the house keys. I made us play some easy games first like Pinoy Henyo to kill time. It was so much fun!

The gang at Bags of Beans

The girls at Summit Ridge. It’s another routine to go here for grocery shopping for our food and the booze.

The whole gang!! It’s the first time we’re this many here at Ac’s Tagaytay house.

Even our future lawyer came though as you can see, she’s still focused with her studies. Kudos!

Nothing could ever beat the fun I always have with these crazy people. There were drama sesh too but it’s just one of the things that makes us closer.


This is certainly kind of friendship you would definitely want to last forever. I’m very lucky to have these people in my life!

Tagaytay City