Pig out everyday

I’ve been binging a lot my new work has started because my work peeps do love eating too! Thank goodness they’re game for some run too after working (and that’s in the morning). I hope our morning runs would be regular. And maybe I could join them in playing badminton on Wednesdays.

In Thursday, we had dinner at Kanin Club for a joint celebration of She’s birthday and my first blood. I love Filipino restaurants that make me love Filipino dishes even more. And Kanin Club is surely one.



Yesterday, a few of my workmates and I ate breakfast (or maybe it should be dinner for us?) at Pancake House. It would always be my favorite since I do have a huge love for pancakes. I seriously almost died of laughing. These people are awesomely crazy! Hope things remain the same. Please people don’t change.


The star of the morning is this: Key Lime Pancake. It has meringue on top to mix it’s sweetness with the lime. I don’t miss to order Pancake House’ limited pancakes. I so wish though they put their Red Velvet Pancakes on their regular menu.


On to my fourth week and I’m looking forward to more pig outs with these people. And of course to offset it, more running and stuff too.



A new life. New people. New place.

I started on boarding on my first job on July first.


Then I get to see my work desk on the second day.


It’s not my first time to meet my team though. A month before I started, I already joined them in their team building. It was a first time for me to hangout with people whom I’ll just be meeting for the first time overnight. I’m glad I took the risk. I had so much fun!




We had a fun scorching hot field trip at Ocean Adventure. Then we went to the house that we rented and did some grocery for our dinner and breakfast for the morning after.



It’s so much fun with them. I find it cool to meet them ahead of time. I do hope work would be a lot better now especially with them. On the plus side, the pay is definitely better. Haha.



So before I start in my new work not so far away in my former office, I had a getaway with one of my closest girlfriend and it’s no other than, Jew.


Here we are waiting for our early morning Thursday flight to Davao. Van is already waiting for us in Davao. He went there ahead to see his relatives and college friends then the rest of his time would be spent with us.


So this is us! More stories of our three days Davao trip on my next posts.



My last day in AIG.

There’s a townhall on my last day at work because the head of AsiaPac is visiting us. It was held in our newly renovated workplace in the 47th floor. So there was music and dancing as a surprise for our guests.




This place has brought me so much stress and agony but I have learned a lot and it made me grow. I’m both happy and sad to leave.



I’ll miss these people though. They have been so nice to me.


And I love Dianne for doing my request! She wore a dress for the very first time at work for my last day! (:


And as a goodbye treat for my team, we had dinner at Kanin Club in Ayala Triangle. It’s not my original team anymore. There are two new. Marvin replaced my immediate boss, Ms. Jennie and Jen replaced Marnz. A week after I left, Ben left too and Dianne will be leaving on July. It was not a boycott from our team. It just all came along at the same time. Maybe it was really time for a change.


So this is goodbye for now. I hope our paths cross again in the future. (:


I will miss this view the most.