My First Work Team


This is us on our joyride going to The Fort from the office on a Thursday night. It’s my boss’ last week then Marnz will be leaving the next week then Ben and I on the following month then Dianne on the month after us. In short, the whole team is leaving but we’re not boycotting. We didn’t talk about this. We all have different reasons. But on this night, we just hangout and enjoyed each other’s company.


That’s me, Ben, Ms. Jennie, Marnz and Dianne from left to right after binging at Chelsea. I will miss this crazy team and for sure our workmates will miss our craziness too. I’m glad to have them as I start my life in the working arena. I have learned so much and enjoyed at the same time. (Of course disregarding all the stress and sleepless nights. Maybe it does really comes with the growth.)

I wish them success in the path that they’ve chosen now and of course happiness.

Things do change.

Chelsea, Serendra, The Fort



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