Work Post


I cannot believe I’ve been spending 1.5 years in this work post already. I thought I would only last for a couple of months. I didn’t know I was that strong and patient. Or maybe I was just lazy to find a replacement. Anyhow, I do not regret staying here longer. I have learned to love it and no one seems to understand why or how. Me neither.

If you notice I’m on 9gag using my mini. It’s what entertains me everyday in this little corner that I have. No matter how busy I get, like I’m trying to finish two deliverables today, I don’t miss browsing through 9gag once in a while. Well, I have a short attention span so I need distractions; not unless my deliverable is due in a few minutes away.

And btw, I got my very first corporate calling card! I was surprised that I’ll be getting one too. My boss said I should have since we have contacts in firms especially for audit and tax assessments. I was delighted when I saw mine. After all, it’s my first.


I still don’t know where this will lead me though. I try not to over think often. It just scares me sometimes. Is this really the path for me? I hope someone could just answer for me but I leave it up to Him. I couldn’t trust anyone more then Him.

I have finally decided to search for possible opportunities out there. But I don’t know why at one point I’m already firm to leave then it would all change in a snap. Oh, girls.




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