Global Corporate Challenge

Our Global Tax has decided to join the global corporate challenge. Ben and I received our pedometers this morning.


This will give me more motivation since the whole APAC tax were grouped into teams and of course I don’t want to pull my team down. Since I’ve started working, jogging and walking have been my regular exercise and one of my best stress reliever. And now I’m glad that I got back into boxing a few months ago.


I started to wear the pedometer from lunch until when I got home at around 2330 hours. Of course I wouldn’t reach that high if not for boxing. Oh, I do love boxing. It’s a great exercise and stress reliever.


Tonight’s aftermath feels awesome. It would have been better if I can go straight home after boxing but it’s alright as long as I can find time for it. If you’re around Ayala, I recommend the Empire Boxing Gym at Palanca Street.

Anyway, it’s time to move the world and your booty!




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