Ice cream melts.

Happiness. It’s from those simple remembering or short calls or messages. It’s from those simplest of things to the most grandeur. It’s from those time spent. It’s from those genuine smile that’s visible even in looking just straight to the eyes. It’s from those silly conversations, cranky jokes and even on arguments. It’s from the pancakes. It’s from the sweet thoughts. It’s from those who effortlessly make you feel it.

Sadness. It’s from the time gone. It’s from accepting how things have changed and knowing it’s for the better but still missing it. It’s from not knowing what I want. It’s always choosing complicated situation and could not settle the readily society-accepted things laid in front. It’s from the chains and shackles tied. It’s from being so ready to take risk but it’s always one sided. It’s from the adventures missed and will be missing. It’s from all those uncertainties.

Life. What goes around comes around.



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