Yes, I’m doing a throwback though it’s not Thursday. It’s just funny when #throwbackthursday started on IG. I don’t do it but I gave in last Thursday. My nostalgic Thursday was all about my sisters and I.

Trinitarians. The first and last school year that my sisters and I were in the same school. I can still remember that car. I don’t know why Pops still brought the car when our school is just a stone’s throw away from our house.

Thomasians vs Nazarethans. Two on two. I can still remember those days that Pops drives us to school. We’ll head first to UST to drop my sisters, Ate Gold and Ate Giselle, at the Lacson gate of UST and they will walk all the way to their building then Pops will drop Ate Guia and I to Nazareth School. It’s when my eldest sister is in college already that Pops doesn’t drive us to school anymore but got us a school service.

This is the reason why my sisters and I are partly deaf. Imagine having these huge speakers at home. It might not be set up like that all the time but Pops and his brother always blast music. And oh please, notice our black leather boots and stripes clothes! Our childhood fashion reflects of our mom’s.

The four of us all wearing dresses. Mom loves to match our clothes especially Ate Guia and I since we’re just a year apart. People would always ask if we are twins. Ate Gold and Ate Giselle are also just a year apart but see the huge gap of their height. I don’t think Ate Giselle was too small, it’s just Ate Gold grew up so fast! We thought she’ll be very tall but she isn’t. (:

Acies. The days we were part of the junior praesidium – Mary Star of the Sea. If you don’t know it yet, my whole family is part of the Legion of Mary in our Parish. I’m very glad it’s part of our childhood.

I miss those carefree days but I can’t say that I miss how my sisters and I then. We weren’t that close growing up especially with the two elder ones because of our age gap. We don’t connive then because our interests are quite different. We’re closer now though and people don’t seem to notice our age differences. And it just hurts that people always think that I’m the elder one especially when I’m with Ate Giselle or Ate Guia. (:

Having three eldest sisters is great! It’s good as it is. I never wished of having a Kuya really.

And this was us when Gavin came into our life. He’s the greatest blessing given to our family.

Old times. Great times.



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