Work Post


I cannot believe I’ve been spending 1.5 years in this work post already. I thought I would only last for a couple of months. I didn’t know I was that strong and patient. Or maybe I was just lazy to find a replacement. Anyhow, I do not regret staying here longer. I have learned to love it and no one seems to understand why or how. Me neither.

If you notice I’m on 9gag using my mini. It’s what entertains me everyday in this little corner that I have. No matter how busy I get, like I’m trying to finish two deliverables today, I don’t miss browsing through 9gag once in a while. Well, I have a short attention span so I need distractions; not unless my deliverable is due in a few minutes away.

And btw, I got my very first corporate calling card! I was surprised that I’ll be getting one too. My boss said I should have since we have contacts in firms especially for audit and tax assessments. I was delighted when I saw mine. After all, it’s my first.


I still don’t know where this will lead me though. I try not to over think often. It just scares me sometimes. Is this really the path for me? I hope someone could just answer for me but I leave it up to Him. I couldn’t trust anyone more then Him.

I have finally decided to search for possible opportunities out there. But I don’t know why at one point I’m already firm to leave then it would all change in a snap. Oh, girls.



Mother’s Day


It is such a big day for moms and of course, I would want to express how special my mom is to me by exposing her here. (: No words could express how much grateful I am for having her.


The three gorgeous moms in our family: Mom and my sisters.


The future mom and her too-cute-for-words niece. Haha. I am not sure if I will ever be fit to be a mom but who knows?


This world is such a better place because of moms.


It’s time to vote!


It’s time to exercise our right to vote in this democratic country. It’s my second time to vote and I love exercising my right. This is the time I feel like an individual like me can make a difference.

Every election gives me hope. I know how much of a country we have right now but it’s still not yet too late. I hope we get to have real “public servants” who has integrity, competency and a great love to our country.

I love this country so much and I never wish to leave to leave for a greener pasteur. I hope this land would be a better place to live especially when it’s time for my future kid/s.


Global Corporate Challenge

Our Global Tax has decided to join the global corporate challenge. Ben and I received our pedometers this morning.


This will give me more motivation since the whole APAC tax were grouped into teams and of course I don’t want to pull my team down. Since I’ve started working, jogging and walking have been my regular exercise and one of my best stress reliever. And now I’m glad that I got back into boxing a few months ago.


I started to wear the pedometer from lunch until when I got home at around 2330 hours. Of course I wouldn’t reach that high if not for boxing. Oh, I do love boxing. It’s a great exercise and stress reliever.


Tonight’s aftermath feels awesome. It would have been better if I can go straight home after boxing but it’s alright as long as I can find time for it. If you’re around Ayala, I recommend the Empire Boxing Gym at Palanca Street.

Anyway, it’s time to move the world and your booty!





There are only quite a few times that Jew goes in my office because it’s always the other way around. I do not mind because I love walking. This time she visited me and we hangout at our recent favorite place, the Patio – our building’s cafeteria.

Jew is down to her last week at citi and gosh, I’m gonna miss her and her workmates that have been good friends of mine too.

Now, no more lunch/dinner buddy anymore. NIL. Zero. Zilch. Ugh.

Anyway, things change. It’s inevitable. It’s not like I’m used to it. But maybe it’s time too to be more friendly. I get overly attached to my friends and I have the tendency of straying myself away from the others. Quality over quantity is my mantra anyway.



Ice cream melts.

Happiness. It’s from those simple remembering or short calls or messages. It’s from those simplest of things to the most grandeur. It’s from those time spent. It’s from those genuine smile that’s visible even in looking just straight to the eyes. It’s from those silly conversations, cranky jokes and even on arguments. It’s from the pancakes. It’s from the sweet thoughts. It’s from those who effortlessly make you feel it.

Sadness. It’s from the time gone. It’s from accepting how things have changed and knowing it’s for the better but still missing it. It’s from not knowing what I want. It’s always choosing complicated situation and could not settle the readily society-accepted things laid in front. It’s from the chains and shackles tied. It’s from being so ready to take risk but it’s always one sided. It’s from the adventures missed and will be missing. It’s from all those uncertainties.

Life. What goes around comes around.


Three spectacles


So that’s Dianne, myself and oh, Marnz’ eye. I’ve gotten my very first eyeglasses! You may have seen me in glasses before but that was just borrowed from Ben. I have a 25/50 vision now so yeah, my eyeglasses are for what my workmates call “astigmaporma”. Haha. I tell them it’s for my astigmatism but they won’t believe me. I got a white frame so as not to go to the usual and I really love it. I got transition lens too so it can protect my eyes under the sun. So yeah, it’s more than just porma. Chos.