March2013: LJ’s birthday bash

If it’s an overnight birthday bash with overflowing booze, it’s LJ’s birthday. We couldn’t be any happier to welcome and celebrate his special day with him.

We meet up the night before his birthday and had dinner at Papa John’s at Sta. Lucia mall. A mall we rarely go to. (:


And since we still have a hangover of the Beer Pong madness, we played it at LJ’s house but too bad we couldn’t get red cups. Where can we buy it? I won the first game by the way. I never thought I can be good on that.


It was nice to see these people in this room (LJ’s bedroom) again. It brings back our college days.


I don’t want to mention that the birthday boy and Jancel got drunk like hell. Let’s keep that as everyone’s secret. Haha. Cheers for more crazy madness and let’s just enjoy being young!


Papa John’s, Sta. Lucia Mall, Marikina/Pasig and LJ’s House, Pasig



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