I am a foodie, yes but I’m not a fan of buffets. I easily get full and I really don’t eat a lot at once. But even though I’m on a diet, I still agreed for a crossover buffet at Dads. After all, it’s a treat from my boss because we recently got our STI (Short Term Incentive) and for sure hers was huge.

So here’s a wrap up of what I got.




There are a lot more different cuisines to try but I can’t take any longer to get desserts and I’m worried my stomach won’t have any space for it.

My dessert plate. I’m a sucker for sweets.

The last. Halo-halo.


These are what I got and I was so stuffed after! We spent three hours in the restaurant. of course it includes chatting too while we hold ourselves from eating. How greedy people could be on buffet right? It’s nice to binge once in a while though. I enjoyed the food.

Dads, Glorietta 3, Makati City



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