Pops’ Golden Bash!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PAPA IN THE WORLD! I can’t believe Pops is 50 already. I’m very thankful he still has his strength and good looks. ;)


The surprise birthday bash was such a success and Pops loved it. He said his sincerest thank you to my sister who organized the whole party and I insisted him to thank me too since I funded the party. :D

We wanted it to be a huge birthday party since it is Pops’ golden year but due to our very low budget we decided to held it at home instead. The people closest to Pops were all there anyway and its what matters the most. Mom and my second sister were on Skype since they’re both in SG. Haha.


With my cousins and Lola (Mom’s mother)


Tito Den (Pops’ brother), James, Tita Beck (Tito Den’s wife), Pops, Joshua, Me, Ate Carla (Pops’ cousin), Bea, Gavin, Ate Guia, Euan and Chinee.


The special guests for the night were Pops’ ex-colleagues. He worked in PLDT for 20 years and he took an early retirement 10 years ago.


Lord, please give Pops more and more birthdays! Thank You.






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