For 2013

I have never made a serious New Year’s Resolutions for myself. The only times I try to think about those are when the teachers ask for one once we get back in school after the holiday break – gradeschool and highschool memories. I have never given a damn about it because it feels like those are the stuff that are meant to be forgotten for the whole year and would only be recalled when you’re about to make a new one. And sometimes, it will even serve as a blueprint for all the failures that you have been for a year.

Yesterday, it was nice to stumbled upon my 10-year-old brother’s New Year’s resolution. I felt proud of him though he has to know that share is not an adjective so he can’t say shareful. (:

Gavin's New Year's Resolution
Gavin’s New Year’s Resolutions

For the first time in my life I would want to grab the chance this New Year has to offer – a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. And for a change, I will have a New Year’s resolution and I know that my brother would not mind if I copy his.

Be a better person. Be generous. Try not to hurt anyone. Be ready for anything.




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