First anniversary at my first work

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe that it has been a year already. When I started working, I knew that I wouldn’t last for a few months. That I will just eventually give up and resign. But no, I managed to get through a year. Oh wow! It feels like three years of work already. Seriously.

Above everything, I am very grateful for my work. It was tough and yo have no idea how much I have been through but I cannot deny the fact that I have learned a lot too. I know I have grown professionally and for me, it was such a nice training ground. I want to stay in the company for another year but I have to contemplate very hard if this is the field I would want to push through. It’s so hard to decide which career path to take. Sometimes I wish someone could just decide for me. But of course, it’s only me who knows want I want for myself, supposedly. I’m still undecided up to now though.

Anyway, I have gained a lot at work and one of it is weight. Hee. :D

First day at work (L) vs One year after (R)

First day at work (L) vs One year after (R)

I present to you my one and only slacks. I managed to go through a year with only one. Teehee. I can still count in my hands the times I’ve worn trousers. I wear dresses or skirts mostly at work because it’s what I find comfortable to wear. Looking corporate is vital at work especially at my workplace but I have not been compliant. I might change on 2013. Haha.

So here’s a cheers for more enjoyment (be positive!), learning, hardships, moolahs and eyebags work will bring in my life!




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