Twenty Two!

So I can’t be Forever 21?

Oh my…

My 22nd birthday.

Another year older. And another year wiser?

For the past years I have always wished that I am older. I used to hate all the restrictions in being young.

But the table has turned already. I am older. I am part of the workforce. I have more responsibilities.

I realized that as you get older things become more complicated. The things I’m always bewildered when I was young – like how grown-ups can magically make simple thing complicated, I get it. Now I’m part of those grown-ups I couldn’t fathom when I was young. Now I savor the moment that I am still young somehow. I am still the youngest in our department in work (If that counts?:).

On the best part of growing older, I still have my whole fambam with me. (: I worked all day on my birthday then I had dinner with my family at Momo in Ayala Triangle. Dinner with them is still the best!

Nothing beats having all of them on my birthday. My sister who is in SG still made us feel her presence by paying the bill.

Part of me wished that I could spend it with someone special to me too. (Oh, quit the drama!)


This is it. Cheers!




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